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Thursday, October 29, 2015


Brady Hoke has a one-game lead over Jim Harbaugh at the seven-game mark in the First Year standings. Hoke took over UM in 2011, and was undefeated when Mark Dantonio gave him his first loss as Wolverine Head Coach. But Hoke finished 11-2 after starting 6-1.

Harbaugh has already picked up his second loss, leaving no margin of error as he chases after the First Year record of Brady Hoke.

Harbaugh has not yet been eliminated by Hoke.
The Messiah can still deliver the Miracle.
All he needs to do is run the table.

With wins in each of the remaining five games, including Ohio State, Harbaugh would finish with the same 10-2 record that Hoke served up in his debut tour. Then, if Michigan can win their bowl game, the two coaches would finish in a dead heat for Season One.

Sounds possible, right? Anything would be possible if you can walk on water, eh? So don't count the Harbster out just yet.

A note about the rankings in this comparison. At the seven-game mark, Hoke's first team was 6-1 and ranked #18 in the country coming off a loss to Michigan State. At that same point this season (right now), at 5-2 and coming off a loss to MSU, Harbaugh's team holds steady at #15.

Who would have guessed that Harbaugh's 5-2 team
would "outrank" Hoke's 6-1 team?

With all due respect for UM's ballyhooed start, they are currently playing survive-and-advance on the front end of what will have to be a six-game-win-streak if they are to MATCH UP TO THE STANDARD THAT BRADY HOKE SET in his first year on the job.

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