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Friday, October 16, 2015


Did you ever get the feeling that any Michigan football team was a bit overrated? If so, you were probably right, at least over the last quarter century. UM has been the fifth-most-overrated college football team since 1989.

This web site ranks 90 college football teams based on the accuracy of the poll rating from the beginning to the end of each season. Only four teams have been more consistently overrated than UM (Nebraska, Southern California, Oklahoma, and Texas). That leaves Michigan as the most overrated team in B1G Conference, as well as most of the Northern and Eastern regions of the country.

By comparison, Michigan State is among the most UNDERRATED teams over the same time-frame. You will see MSU ranked #84 on this list.

So Michigan is generally OVERrated while Michigan State is generally UNDERrated, as clearly summarized here. Hmmm, how does that pertain to the game on Saturday?

Are the Wolverines getting just a bit more
"media-love" than they may actually deserve?

That's what historically happens.

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  1. Media. Heh.
    ESPN analysts are just wetting their pants over Michigan of late.


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