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Saturday, October 10, 2015


The past couple of weeks have been a bit crazy, eh? Ever since Utah beat Oregon, the scene in Ann Arbor has looked like a series of out-takes from a video series called "chUMps Gone Wild".

Why the exuberance? Because Utah beat Oregon, and we all know that means that Michigan will run the table and finish undefeated. How is that figured out?

It's based on the "Transitive Property" of simple mathematics. When applied to sports, it compares scores of games between two teams as if they were mathematical "facts", then applies those "facts" to scores of games between other teams to derive the "answer". Using only a few games in their equation, UM fans can "prove" that their team will beat Michigan State next week.

This theory has been applied numerous times in previous seasons, only to be proven unreliable. In science, a theory has to be both "valid" and "reliable" to be legitimate. The Transitive Property, as used to predict sports scores, has proven to be unreliable, and we have a great way to prove it.

Thanks to whomever created this fancy web-site! Click here and input any two teams you want to compare, to see how the Transitive Property works. Once you have proven that Team A will beat Team B, than click on the words "OH YEAH, well flip it" and you may find that Team B will also beat Team A, based on the same mathematical approach.

I just used this web site to prove the following "facts", based on the Transitive Property:

  • UM will beat MSU
  • MSU will beat UM
  • UM will beat OSU
  • OSU will beat UM
  • MSU will beat OSU
  • OSU will beat MSU

That's as far as I went with it, but we invite you to use this web site to explore other fascinating applications of the Transitive Property to college football.

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