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Friday, October 16, 2015


The top college football expert from ESPN was interviewed on Lansing Sports Radio (730-AM) yesterday morning and gave a detailed preview of the big game on Saturday. Adam Rittenberg had plenty of great things to say about Mark Dantonio and his Michigan State Spartans as they prepare to face Michigan.

But when asked for a game prediction, Rittenburg seemed to back-pedal from his green-glowing comments and picked UM to win the game. Not surprising, since the Wolverines are heavy favorites in Vegas. Plus, the four-letter-network has expressed it's undying devotion to the Bluebloods, in so many ways, at so many times.

What's notable is the primary reason given by 
Rittenberg for his forecast: INJURIES.

When pressed to pick a winner, the ESPN expert began his explanation by talking about all of the injuries suffered by MSU players prior to and during the season thus far. He did not talk about the injuries as an "excuse" for his prediction; rather he presented the information as a "reason" for his view.

Injuries to players on the Spartan Men's Basketball team two years ago derailed their season, leading to two losses against Michigan and opening the door for the Wolverines to make it look like they were making a run that season. The chUMp fan-base laughed at any suggestion that injuries were a "valid excuse" and would not accept that starters getting placed on injury lists could ever be a "reason" for anything. Then their team had some injuries the next season and they cried a long river about how their season was for it)......INJURIES.

Earlier today, Drew Sharp made his pick for the game as well. Sharp has been defending the Spartans as the "big boys on the block" for weeks, and he has been openly skeptical of the Wolverines bump in the polls based on the weak competition that has been run over by UM. But Sharp picked Michigan "in a close one", saying the Spartans are "too banged up" at this point in the season to win the game.

So the top college football expert from the top sports network pointed to injuries as the main reason he picks UM to win this game. The most prominent Detroit Sports Columnist followed with exactly the same viewpoint. From our perspective, the Spartan injury toll has certainly worked to level the playing field between the two teams. Without the massive player losses by MSU, who really believes that Michigan would be an 8-10 point favorite?

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  1. OK. I admit it. MSU is not Ohio State when it comes to replacing guys who go down with injury. One of the MANY REASONS the Spartans did so well the past two years, is because they remained relatively healthy. They only needed to replace one or two guys at a time. The cumulative effect of missing several guys at once does have an impact, no doubt. Three of them are all-americans or on all-america watch lists and others are from a position group that was already identified as the team's weakest. The "next man up" will simply not be as good especially when the guys around him are also the "next man up". At the same time, it is what it is. In the end a W or a L will be gained by each team. Just gotta strap 'em up and play their best game of the year. If MSU wins, it will be the best win against Ann Arbor during the Dantonio era. If they lose, far too much will be made of it, but it will suck just the same. It won't be over. "It will never be over". I don't think injuries are simply an "excuse" for any team. I think injuries have a real impact on games, but it falls into the old adage of "Don't deal with things that are out of your control". MSU still has to play their cards correctly and win. That's the bottom line.

  2. Without the massive player losses by MSU, who really believes that Michigan would be an 8-10 point favorite?

    Every chUMp on the planet is who.


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