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Monday, October 26, 2015


The chUMp NatiOn was left hungry after losing to Michigan State nine days ago, so we are offering to feed them their own words to settle down their blue bellies. These are the words they threw around on the Internet during the days before the game in Ann Arbor. It's only fitting that they should have to eat their own words, right?
Drew Sharp beats David Lewis, nobody is surprised.

Your predictions have been wrong "more then ounce", David.

Your anti-viral capabilities failed you, Edward.
Your prediction was off by 27 points!

Nooooooo, they didn't, Doug. But how 'bout them LAKERS!!!
Enjoy your college days in Allendale.

You came within 21 points of getting it right, Jerry.
Maybe you should get back to Study Hall?

The chUMp comments posted above were taken from various articles from the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News, as they both use Facebook systems for users to post their responses to what they read. So the names you see below have not been changed to protect the guilty; rather, they are being presented as an extension of their original appearance in the days before the 27-23 MSU win over UM.


  1. And in breaking news, a convoy of semi-tractor trailers was seen headed from E. Lansing to Ann Arbor. When asked about it MSU AD Mark Hollis confessed that the Spartans were sending 100,000 Snickers Bars to "console the UM spectators and help them get over it (the loss)."


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