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Sunday, November 1, 2015


So many chUMps, so little time. What was the UM crowd saying about the MSU-UM football game the past two weeks? Didn't they carry on about how their team "gave a gift victory" to the Spartans, on the grounds that their coach and punt-team mis-handled the final play? They implied that Mark Dantonio had nothing to do with the win, and his players deserved no credit for coming out on top for the 12 consecutive game, including three in a row against Michigan?

Okay, now isn't the shoe on the other foot?

Didn't Minnesota just "gift you a victory" by the way
their coach and players mishandled the final sequence?

Will ESPN now calculate the "odds" of Minnesota losing the game once they got the ball on the one-foot-line with 19 seconds to go and a timeout, trailing by three points? I'd really like to know what the "chances" were of UM winning from that point forward. Guessing it was like 1-in-1000?

Any team could have kicked the field-goal to force overtime, and it seems like both teams had even odds from that point. But Minnesota had at least three (if not all four) plays to get the ball into the end zone in that situation. The Gopher Interim Coach blew that situation beyond all reasonable explanation.

The Quarterback Sneak should have been immediate on first down. If they score, they win. If not, call timeout. With 10-15 seconds left, they get two or three more passes to the end zone, and they can try a run-pass option on the last play. Instead, they inexplicably spent 17 seconds to throw incomplete, then ran the most unlikely-play-to-succeed at the end, the QB-sneak.

Will we hear Wolverine Nation "congratulating" Minnesota
on the "victory" and thanking them for "the gift" all week long?


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