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Monday, November 16, 2015


Remember when all those Michigan fans kept talking about how their "new-look" Wolverines could actually win the national championship with two losses? My, how they did carry on, didn't they? Why, it seems like just yesterday they were down-grading Michigan State, mocking the Spartans as they dropped a bit in the polls, and claiming there was a legitimate chance that, if things went JUST RIGHT, they could slip into the semi-final bowl game as a four-seed.

Actually it was just last week they were saying that, wasn't it? Well it's hard to see how they can crow the same song any longer, as their opponent schedule-strength just took a major nosedive, with the seven teams UM has defeated this year going 1-6 on Saturday. So much for the "tough schedule" argument to counter the weight of the extra loss.

That big win over Oregon State doesn't look so good after the Beavers lost by 30 points and fell to 2-8. Rutgers and Maryland both lost by 17 points, and UNLV by 14. Yes, even BYU lost last weekend, to a team that is now 5-5. Very hard to believe, after the Cougars' convincing victories over Wagner, San Jose State, and Eastern Carolina.

Here's the list of teams Michigan has defeated this season, in the order played, with current records:

  • 2-8 Oregon State
  • 3-7 UNLV
  • 7-3 BYU
  • 2-8 Maryland
  • 8-2 Northwestern
  • 4-6 Minnesota
  • 3-7 Rutgers
  • 29-41 combined season record (41%)

Prior to last weekend, it appeared that the "signature win" for UM was their loss to Utah, but the Utes took the air out of their own balloon by losing to Rich Rodriguez. In other words, the old coach (fired by Michigan) could beat Utah, but the new coach (Lord Jim) could NOT.

That leaves either BYU or Northwestern as the "signature win" for the Wolverines. The Cougars are out since they have played an absolutely low-grade schedule of teams. So it's all about Northwestern for the Bluebloods. Would the Wildcats' "signature win" be their blowout of Eastern Illinois (41-0), their trimming of Duke (19-10), or their two-point victories over Nebraska and Penn State? Most would probably say it's the 16-6 season-opening win over Stanford, a team that rolled undefeated after that loss until last weekend when they were defeated by Oregon.

So what claim can Michigan fans make at this point to prove their team has a right - - - or even, a shot - - - to make the four-team playoff? NONE WHATSOEVER. But the Wolverines can be thankful that at least one team they played (other than NW) actually won a game last weekend; the Michigan State University Spartans.

(Just curious.)

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