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Sunday, November 22, 2015


We finally have definitive evidence that the Michigan fan-base views Michigan State as it's actual rival, while Ohio STATE is a second-tier rivalry in their minds. The proof came last week, as millions of Wolverines turned their eyes to Columbus, Ohio, and rooted for their supposed-rival to win a game, even though the victory would not necessarily "help" UM.

Michigan players, past and present, were asked all week whether they would be rooting for the Buckeyes to beat the Spartans. While some said they couldn't do it, others, including UM Coach Jim Harbaugh, implied they were hoping for an MSU loss even though they wouldn't say it outright.

But an OSU victory Saturday would not have "helped" Michigan any more than a Penn State victory next weekend. UM needed two wins in the last two weeks along with AN MSU SPLIT, with either loss by the Spartans the same in the standings for Michigan.

So why did so many Wolverines root for Ohio STATE yesterday?
Is it because Michigan State is their REAL RIVAL?

It's increasingly hard to deny what UM fans have been denying for so many decades: That they care more abut MSU losing than they do about OSU losing.

The big side-story from yesterday was that Wolverine Nation worries more about Michigan State than any other team.

For the record, I am not as confused as the Michigan folks about my "anti-loyalties". I am unambiguously rooting for Ohio STATE next weekend, as an OSU victory will be bad for UM, and either outcome is the same for MSU. Pretty simple, eh?

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