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Thursday, November 19, 2015


Hard to believe that Michigan's "Dream Season" has almost come to an end. Just two more games, and the dream will be over. Their fans have been riding on the belief that a team could finish 5-7 one season, then win the national championship the very next season.

Let's give Jim Harbaugh credit. He won the seven (7) games that all of the sports media predicted he would win. He has won the eight (8) games that I predicted he could win, and he has two chances to win one more game. If he can do that, win nine (9) games in his first year with Brady Hoke's players, he will have reached the high-end of my prediction for UM.

But can he win one more game this season?

The sports media think so, as they have the Wolverines favored over Penn State in Happy Valley on Senior Day against a successful veteran quarterback. That's the same formula that ended in a double-overtime white-knuckler in Bloomington, Indiana last weekend. We openly predicted that Michigan would have their hands full on the remaining road trips this year, and now they have another one on the schedule.

Now that Jake Rudock and Jourdan Lewis are "Heisman Trophy candidates", anything can happen, right?

Heading to Indiana, several members of the Detroit sports media showed their bias by picking UM to win easily. Jeff Seidel and Drew Sharp of the Free Press had the Wolverines winning by two touchdowns, as did Nick Baumgardner of M-Live. Brendan Quinn of M-Live picked a four-touchdown romp for the blue-and-yellow against the crimson-and-cream.

We're sticking with our analysis that Michigan, like Northwestern, has a deceptive season record based on a weak schedule. We've shown several times that the UM schedule is not all it's cracked up to be.

The Michigan fan-base is convinced that if Ohio STATE beats a team that already beat UM, then UM will have a great chance to beat Ohio STATE. Don't bother trying to work that one out on paper.

We can't be sure which team will win any particular game, but we are certain of one thing. No matter what happens the rest of the way for the Michigan football team, its fan-base will proclaim Jim Harbaugh the King of the Universe afterwards, and celebrate their great season no matter what the record is, because they always know that if they don't win it all this season, they will certainly win it all next season. (rinse and repeat)

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