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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


How do we measure disrespect? Let me count the ways...

One of the milestone markers of disrespect shown by the sports media towards Michigan State Head Coach Mark Dantonio has been the constant series of questions for him regarding whether or not he is "rooting for Michigan" in an upcoming game. Usually this question arises when UM will be playing Ohio STATE, but not in all cases. Regardless, it's a line of questioning that is not commonly used on other coaches in other places. And it's never been used on a Wolverine coach.

Will anyone in the sports media be asking Jim Harbaugh
if he's rooting for Michigan State?

Some might ask why such a question would be appropriate now, since it currently appears that Michigan would "benefit" from a Buckeye victory over the Spartans more than the alternative outcome. But these questions directed at Dantonio have not been restricted to game-week. One of the most famous phrases of the Dantonio Era was coined several years ago in the Spring, when reporters were glowing about their beloved Wolverines so much that they couldn't help but ask the MSU coach about the UM team. His answer was "Where's the threat?" Many chUMps hold that response against Dantonio, as if the only proper reply would have been something along the lines of, "Yes, I worship the Michigan Wolverines."

Brady Hoke was never asked these types of questions, but what about Jim Harbaugh? His team is one road-loss (against Indiana or Penn State) away from "needing an OSU loss", so what happens in that situation? Will the sports media dishonor their Lord by asking him such a petulant question?


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