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Saturday, November 21, 2015


Poor John Beilein. Seems like the old apple-picker is having a tough time getting real wins this season. After using one of his exhibition-game options for a team scrimmage, he turned the second exhibition game into a regular season game, even though the opponent was DIVISION TWO Northern Michigan.

Then he goes and drops a home game by 16 points to Xavier. Next up, the Connecticut Huskies. What's a poor coach to do?

Here's an idea: Maybe Michigan can take that exhibition game against LeMoyne, and turn it into a "regular-season game"! That way, UM can pose all season long as having two extra victories, even though they don't count by NCAA standards.

The LeMoyne Coach is Beilein's son, so he would probably go along with the old switcheroo!


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  1. I have found nothing in the rules... SO FAR... that prohibits counting a D-II game as regular season. All I have found is that all exhibition games have to be played prior to the 2nd Friday in November, the 13th in this case, which was the date of the N.MI match.

    1. I agree that it must be legal, since they did it last year with Hillsdale. I asked Mark Snyder about it on his weekly chat at the Freep, and he said the game doesn't count for the team, but "the stats are real".

      So it appears as if UM is placing the goal of making the team and individual players LOOK GOOD above the goal of having the team BE GOOD. A week after rolling Northern Michigan, UM got popped pretty goody by Xavier on their home floor. But some of the players got some fat-stats against the Division Two boys. More games by UM.

      And so much for "The Team", "The Team","The Team", as some of their more vocal mouthpieces like to chant about ad infinitum. In reality, the University of Michigan sports programs are much more about "The Individual", "The Individual","The Individual", than they ever seem to realize.


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