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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

VOTING TO BEGIN SOON ON THE 2013 "chUMp-of-the-year" AWARD

Our Happy New Year means it's time to select the recipient of the 2013 "chUMp-of-the-Year" award! This monthly feature began only four months ago, so the candidates for the big title will include not only the four monthly "winners", but also the runners-up as noted each month. We will accept YOUR VOTES to determine the rightful awardee.

To review, here are the 2013 "chUMps-of-the-month":

Those receiving "dishonorable mention" in September include
Denard RobinsonDesmond Howard, and Jalen Rose.

Those receiving "dishonorable mention" in October include
Lloyd Carr, Frank Beckmann, and A.J. Williams.

The "dishonorable mention" recipient was Taylor Lewan.

The "dishonorable mention" recipient was Brady Hoke.

Here are the candidates for 2013 "chUMp-of-the-Year", listed in alphabetical order:

Frank Beckmann
David Brandon
Lloyd Carr
Brady Hoke
Desmond Howard
Royce Jenkins-Stone
Taylor Lewan
Denard Robinson
Jalen Rose
Fitz Toussaint
A.J. Williams

We will accept your comments to help narrow down this list to six semi-finalists. Please click on "6 comments" below and add your two-cents-worth on any of these candidates. The semi-finalist list will be posted this weekend to start the formal voting period.

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  2. First instinct is a bright, flashing red blinker over the bloodied forehead of Taylor Lewan. It's so hard to even consider anyone else when you've got that psycho in the mix.

    He very likely attacked some OSU fans (an act not inconsistent with his character), hours after a loss. This followed not-so-nicely his earlier having very likely threatened a female with a re-rape (another act - the threat, at least - seemingly not inconsistent with his character).

    His brutality carried over to his on-field performance, most noticeably during the MSU trouncing of UM.

    His tortured interpretation of the state of UM Football reflected his own narcissism and delusional elitism (this last being not so uncommon amongst UM faithful). This is perhaps most evident in his comments in the presser after the OSU game.

    The guy is just dangerous. All the more dangerous considering he seems to have been enabled in his lunacy by AAPD, Hoke and Co., refs, and the press, among others.

  3. Excellent summary of observations. Lewan has certainly earned his skunk-stripes. He is certainly the poster-child for UM Football at this point.

    As a monthly winner, he automatically advances to the semi-finalist round of six. So five of the eleven must be winnowed down. Lewan will advance.

  4. So many choices, so little time...

    My problem is a lack of decisive criteria. The basic word chUMp literally means idiot or stupid person.

    While certainly deserving of dishonorable mentions, Taylor Lewan is anything but stupid. Thug? Yes. Bully? Yes. Dirty Player? Yes. Degenerate? Yes. Criminal? Yes. All those because he is smart enough to know how to play the system. Certainly not showing signs of being mentally impaired. Likewise Royce Jenkins-Stone is eliminated on my ballot for similar reasons.

    Candidates like Desmond Howard and Frank Beckmann are in the running as are Dave "Avoid the Noid" Brandon and Brady "Save The Last Donut For Me" Hoke.

    Arrogance is not idiocy, but it can lead to idiotic actions, such as done by Fitzgerald Toussaint, Denard Robinson, A. J. Williams and Jalen Rose.

    With Lloyd Carr it is dementia from senility. It is hard to define him as idiotic. Pathetic, yes. Let's leave the old man off the list. He hasn't got a chance of holding his own against a spring breeze. On the other hand, he let Mike Hart get away with the Unsportsmanlike Action of the Decade.

    There is only one candidate that not only acts the part, but also looks the part. Avoiding the Noid altogether, my vote is cast for Coach Brady "We Need More Donuts" Hoke.

    As I pointed out in: "Little Missygan Honestly"
    ...he compliments his team on acting like they are in High School.

    As I noted in: "Requiem for the chUMps"
    ... he was still insisting we would see the UolM team in Rose Bowl well after everyone on the planet knew they could never get there.

    His Gardner foot fetish has already been thoroughly discussed.

    The weight of the verifiable evidence leads to the sole conclusion that the greatest chump ever at UolM is Brady "Pass Me The Donuts" Hoke.

    Desmond Howard is well behind, but in 2nd.
    Dave Brandon is a far, distant 3rd.

    Taylor Lewan? We need a new category. How about:
    "Most Likely To See Jail Time And A Lifetime Suspension As An NFL Rookie"

    1. EXCELLENT SUMMARY by MSUSpartan76! Your votes have been counted!

  5. VERY hard to argue with MSUSpartan76.

    To pile on, regarding Hoke, my friend made an observation today that was both astute and hilarious;

    Hoke long ago dropped the headset, because he so "trusts his coaches."
    Having never since popped the headset back on, he fires Borges.
    "Hey Coach B., you're still doing great! Still trust you! Oh, by the way, there's the door..."


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