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Friday, January 10, 2014


You can cast your vote for the 2013 "chUMp-of-the-year" award this weekend, with six nominees to be announced on Sunday. Watch this web site for details.

There were four "chUMp-of-the-month" awards last year, and all monthly winners are automatic qualifiers for the annual finals. Two other chUMps will be selected from the "dishonorable mention" recipients for a total of six semi-finalists. Three finalists will advance to next week, with a winner to be named next weekend.

The 2013 "chUMps-of-the-month" were:

Those cited for "dishonorable mention" were:

Frank Beckmann
Lloyd Carr
Brady Hoke
Desmond Howard
Denard Robinson
Jalen Rose
A.J. Williams

Based on early returns, we will remove three of the "dishonorably mentioned" to leave eight candidates to be narrowed to six this weekend. The three who have been taken off the first ballot include:

  1. A.J. Williams, because all he did was go out drinking with a bunch of Buckeyes after a ballgame, which is similar to what Taylor Lewan did, except Lewan was punching and stomping on them while Williams was playing quarter-bounce (then driving). Williams is out because he's young and stupid, though he still qualifies as a chUMp.
  2. Frank Beckmann, because all he did was print an incoherent rant about some social situation that was far over his uneducated head. That's what he gets for working in a university setting without a university degree. Beckmann is out because he's old and stupid, though he is undoubtedly a chUMp.
  3. Lloyd Carr, because he wasn't arrested for drunk and disorderly like Gary Moeller. He just mumbled some crazy musings about retirement life or something. Carr is out because he's an old fart, and because if the UM intelligentsia can give Carr the heave-ho from coaching, we can chuck him from our contest.

So the weekend ballot looks like this, with candidates listed in alphabetical order:

David Brandon
Brady Hoke
Desmond Howard
Taylor Lewan
Royce Jenkins-Stone
Denard Robinson
Jalen Rose
Fitz Toussaint

We will accept your comments to help narrow down this list to six semi-finalists. Please click on "1 comment" below and add your two-cents-worth on any of these candidates. The semi-finalist list will be posted this weekend to start the formal voting period.

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  1. For me it still comes down to a conundrum. Who is more deserving, Coach Donut or Father Noid who hired him.

    Brady "Glazed" Hoke gets the nod.

    Brandon "Da Blane! Da Blane!" is a distant second, still. I guess we really do need to avoid the Noid.

    Desmond Howard is just irrelevant. Someone needs to tell him. Then again, eh won't believe anything anyone tells him.

  2. Taylor Lewan belongs in jail and the last four have already fallen into obscurity.


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