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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

THE "chUMp-of-the-Year" FOR 2013 is DAVID BRANDON

The 2013 "chUMp-of-the-year" is DAVID BRANDON. The skywriting stunt was enough to get him the first monthly award in September, and now he has the first annual dishonor as well. He is truly King chUMp.

The competition between a wide array of chUMps was very close, finishing in a virtual three-way tie between Brandon, Desmond Howard, and Taylor Lewan. All had solid chUMp credentials, and all were worthy of the award.

With all due disrespect for Desmond Howard! If ever there was a chUMp who wanted to be King, it would be Howard. His stupid commentaries about Spartan Football made a fool of himself and his employer. But while Howard has established himself firmly with his chUMp credentials, Brandon is older, so he should know better. He also has the authority to straighten up chUMp culture, but he chooses to perpetuate it. He is definitely guilty of extreme chUMpy-ness.

Here is the way several of our readers saw the situation:

"Father Noid is my vote. Who is worse, the idiot or the idiot who hired the idiot? Not only did he hire the sky writers, he then went on to claim they were off course, that it happened all over the state (except over Michigan Stadium), then tried to minimize it by claiming it cost (out of athletic department funds) much less than what the sky writers said it cost. To continue his arrogance (a quality valued by chUMps), he did not bother to try to match the MSU Alumni fund raising for a significant charity. Had he done so, he could have regained a measure of respect.
"No respect. Arrogance. Ability to simultaneously talk out of both sides at the same time. Idiot. Makes for a chUMp."

"David Brandon is the leader. He could cure the culture, but he has proven to be a true-blue chUMp. He sets the tone in the sports department. He is totally cool with his coaches and players referring to another Big Ten institution with the name of an institution in the MAC as an insult ("Ohio"). If fans want to do that, fine - he has no authority over them, but players and coaches in multiple sports? Pre-2013, he allowed this childish practice to continue even after his basketball team got beat by that very MAC team wearing green and white in the NCAA Tournament. His DECISION to arrange and pay for the the skywriting of GO BLUE in the sky above Spartan Stadium on game day was childish and his lies related to it, despicable. His actions raised the levels of chUMpitis through all of Blue Nation. He is the leader. David Brandon is king chUMp."

From "Anonymous":
"I know in my heart I'm supposed to say Brandon. He's older, should know better, and yet still makes decisions - not to mention the comments made regarding those decisions - that baffle the mind. What is wrong with this man?"

More from MSUSpartan76:
"Which is more deserving: the thug or the head chUMp in charge who allowed the thug to continue his thuggish ways? No one can convince me that Father Noid had neither the means nor the opportunity to curb that thugly skunkbear.
"Which is more deserving: some nerdy kid with black plastic glasses pretending he is some super star celebrity or the head chUMp in charge who should be answering for everything involving those "arrogant asses in Ann Arbor." No one can convince me that Father Noid had no opportunity or means to keep a chUMp from painting himself urine on national TV for a game in which the Ann Arbor Charm School ball club did not even contend."
"Father Noid, the Head chUMp In-charge."

Brandon must have caught wind of his nomination for the annual award, as he has been "lobbying" for it the past several weeks. First he fires Al Borges and claims that Hoke actually did it. Then he holds a press conference where he does all of the talking and won't let Hoke answer any questions. Then he comes out of nowhere to deny that he did those things. Then he claims that he rooted for MSU in the Rose Bowl and was "proud" of them for winning. Wait, what's that, "proud"? He's saying he's "proud" of us, huh? Looks like we'll talking about him again at the end of the month.

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  1. It was never mentioned that the chUMp of the Year also "borrowed" ideas from Mark Hollis and tried to make it look like he thought of them. Example: Hockey in a football stadium.

    Truly "A Spewer to Detest."

  2. Surely, I was pulling for Lewan. But, at the end of the day, I can't argue with the choice. The man earned this honor.
    The skywriting nonsense, his handling of the backlash (I believe it's an approach known as, "piling stupid on top of stupid"), and - most satisfying of all - his getting utterly out-classed by Westerman... What a fantastic PR meltdown it was to behold.

  3. madisonmegaplans@msn.comJanuary 24, 2014 at 9:23 PM

    My favorite comment was to the effect that Brandon and Howard were two idiots, but since Brandon was the older idiot, he has to be held to a higher standard. I just want to add to that, every younger idiot will someday be an older idiot. So the best idiocy of Howard is yet to come.


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