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Saturday, January 11, 2014


It's been fun to watch the wolverine faithful work themselves into a frenzy over the firing of Al Borges and the nearly-immediate hiring of Doug Nussmeier. Seems like they are now just one baby step away from that ever-elusive national championship. Or so they seem to think.

While they are busy celebrating all of the wonderful things they expect to come, some may hearken back to the promise of Al Borges, sung by the same people just three years ago in Ann Arbor. The moment Brady Hoke was hired, folks began speculation that he would bring "his offensive coordinator" with him from San Diego State. Barely hours later, Borges was named as the man who would do this-and-that-and-the-other-thing and it would be nothing like RichRod. Hoo-hah, it was only a matter of time before the next NC.

Now Borges is on the road and in comes a former Michigan State assistant - - - under John L. Smith, no less - - - and media reports indicate that Doug Nussmeier may now be more prominent to Michigan Football than the Donut Enthusiast. When asked to explain the situation, Hoke had no comment, refusing to answer the many questions reporters directed to him. When asked to explain why Hoke had no comment, David Brandon said Hoke is the Coach, bla-bla-bla-bla, this is Michigan, yada yada yada, and thanks for all coming here today.

Hoke, you'll recall, is the same guy who said he "anticipated" all coaches returning, when asked about possible changes a month ago. (He's also the guy who consistently described the broken foot of Devin Gardner as "turf toe".) But Brandon said it was Hoke's decision, and lauded him for leadership. Even though he didn't answer any questions. Uh-huh.

So there are many reports calling into question the state of things in Denmark with the crazy processing of the new guy. But at least one Spartan, former quarterback Drew Stanton, thinks enough of Nussmeier to commend him for his new job:
“You see how he’s progressed, and his name is starting to get mentioned with big-time college football head coaching jobs,” Stanton said. “I know he’s thrown his name in the hat for a couple other head coaching jobs. He’s going to make a phenomenal head coach sometime. But I think (Michigan) is a great stepping stone for him, to be at a premier college and have some success with an offense.”
So, let's get this straight: Hoke said he didn't anticipate any such changes, but then showed great leadership by firing the assistant he brought with him to the job on the promise that he was the right guy, then when asked to explain the decision he refused to answer, which his boss says is a sign of great leadership, and a former star quarterback for his main rival says UM is a "stepping stone" job move.

In any case, Michigan is openly admitting the mistake they made three years ago when Hoke selected Al Borges for he job. Knowing that, they are trying to spin the situation into a major positive, but this time some of the major media are having troubles with the smoke-and-mirrors routine, at least for now.

And Gardner continues to wear the walking boot. Nasty case of turf-toe, I hear.

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  1. People may just start realizing that there is really some meaning to "Avoid the Noid"


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