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Thursday, January 9, 2014


The Michigan State Basketball team scored an upset victory over 3rd-ranked Ohio STATE on Tuesday night, but you might think that MSU was blown-out from listening to the post-game coverage and commentary. All we hear about is how the Buckeyes made a 20-3 run in the final seven minutes to tie the game.

The Buckeyes made a great comeback, no question. But it came right after the Spartans had trashed them. The visitors climbed out of the garbage can just in time to tie it up. Bully for Brutus. It's been heavily reported that OSU almost scored at the end to win. But MSU almost scored two baskets in the first half that would have made overtime unnecessary. So what? The game is basketball, not horseshoes or hand-grenades.

What about the 55-38 run made by the Spartans over the previous fifteen minutes of game-time? How about the 72-68 "run" over 45 minutes of regulation? Isn't the point to score more points at the END of the game? Why is the winner being represented as a failure?

No media group has presented this game as a great win for Michigan State, asking Tom Izzo how it feels to be in "the driver's seat" of the conference race. Everybody heard about the "men and the boys" comment, and the performances by Adreian Payne and Keith Appling have been well documented. But the overall tone and tenor of the post-game media coverage has been largely about Izzo's temper and how close Ohio STATE came to winning. Even though they didn't win and Izzo didn't even get a single technical foul. And the Spartans sit undefeated at the top of the standings with two road wins in hand.

The media tries to portray Michigan State as failures at every possible opportunity, but you don't have to open wide and swallow what they're dishing out. There were a lot of circumstances and close-calls (and non-calls) but the big story is that MSU WON THE GAME.

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  1. Spartanman82, I smile or laugh every time I read one of your posts. There you are, out there defending the truth and doing it precision and skill - and FUN!

  2. Will we see these headlines: Nebraska almost beats Michigan ???


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