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Monday, January 27, 2014


First off, congrats to the arch-rivals for winning the big game. Way to "steal one on the road". (Not like the stealing that Ed Martin helped you with, just a figure of speech.) Because when you lead a game for only nine minutes of the first 37 played, then outscore the home team by five points (20-15) in the last three minutes, you have, indeed "stolen" a game.

But they all count one, and you can't change the standings once the wins are posted. Disappointing to lose, but we saw it coming once Branden Dawson took a step away from basketball last week.

What's amusing is to read all of the Michigan fan comments (on MLive and elsewhere) and see how many of them are accusing Spartans, including Tom Izzo, of "making excuses" when noting that Adreian Payne and Branden Dawson were injured and unavailable. Or that pointing out how beat-up Keith Appling is right now is a way of "making an excuse for losing". These folks love to be the pot-calling-the-kettle-black!

All through football season we heard nothing but excuses from Michigan fans (and coaches) for their lackluster performances. Was it just me, or did you also hear these types of comments from the blue-and-yellow faithful only a few months ago:

  • "We have a young interior to the offensive line"
  • "We have a young offensive line"
  • "We have no offensive linemen - - - thanks, RichRod"
  • "We have more than 60 freshmen on the team"
  • "We have a young team"
  • "Devin Gardner is all beat-up"
  • "The cupboard was bare when Brady took over"
  • "Al Borges is the problem"
  • "Greg Mattison is the problem"
  • "Brady Hoke is the problem"
  • "David Brandon is the problem"
  • "Mary Sue Coleman is the problem"

Not once during the football season just past did Michigan fans (or coaches) own up to the facts that they weren't a very good team, their program reputation is fading fast, and their players weren't all that good despite their high-school rankings. All we heard were the comments listed above.

Now those same Michigan fans accuse MSU fans (and coaches) of "making excuses" when we point out that Payne and Dawson were injured and out, while Appling (and maybe Costello) were injured and still playing. Their main counter-punch to the Payne/Dawson absence is that two of their stars from last year dropped out of school and quit college basketball, so there, nanny-nanny-boo-boo!

I think you can all see where this is going. Let's review the claims of excuses by Michigan fans in comparison to the excuses those same fans were making all through football season. We will compare the main explanations offered by the MSU side that are being called "excuses" with the actual "excuses" that UM folks were making about football.

That article will be coming up NEXT on this web site.

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  1. Difference between fand making excuses and your head coach sitting there going through every broken nail someone on the tean gas after every game

    1. There is also a difference between losing zero starter-games to injury, as Iowa and Wisconsin have lost this season, and losing more than 20 games that your starters would otherwise have played.

      There is also a difference between going on the road and getting thumped by 18 in a game you trailed by 27, compared with sitting two injured starters and losing on a jump shot with a few seconds left even after a half-court shot to win barely misses.

      Those are all DIFFERENT situations.

      Thanks for posting, hope your hangover today wasn't too bad.


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