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Thursday, January 16, 2014


When we look back at the year 2013, we will probably realize that it was a really great year for chUMps. Meaning, there were a lot of them, doing a lot of chUMpy things. And we only started keeping track in September.

We have named three Finalists for the "chUMp-of-the-Year" award, and the race is virtually a dead-heat. This showdown is basically a tie between three prominent chUMps; a current player, a former player, and an administrator:

In the next three days, we will make the case for each of these candidates. We will use reader comments to explain why each of these chUMps was the Grand Marshall of 2013. Please be sure to add your comments to each article, as the final winner has not yet been determined.

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  1. I've changed my vote from Taylor Lewan to David Brandon.

    Desmond Howard is a has-been who is simply out of touch and suffers from the common ailment afflicting most students, athletes and staff at the University of Michigan, Superiority Complex chUMpitis.

    Taylor Lewan is an immature player on a bad team that he thinks is good. He makes bad decisions and appears to be mean, at best, when the cameras aren't rolling. Like his alumnus friend he suffers from the common ailment afflicting most students, graduates, athletes and staff at the University of Michigan, Superiority Complex chUMpitis.

    Davis Brandon is the leader. He could cure the culture, but he has proven to be true-blue chUMp. He sets the tone in the sports department. He is totally cool with his coaches and players referring to another Big Ten institution with the name of an institution in the MAC as an insult. If fans want to do that, fine - he has no authority over them, but players and coaches in multiple sports? Pre-2013, he allowed this childish practice to continue even after his basketball team got beat by that very MAC team wearing green and white in the NCAA Tournament. His DECISION to arrange and pay for the the skywriting of GO BLUE in the sky above Spartan Stadium on game day was childish and his lies related to it, despicable. His actions raised the levels of chUMpitis through all of Blue Nation. He is the leader. David Brandon is king chUMp.

  2. Excellent points! Brandon will be profiled this weekend.

  3. A vast majority of current students and recent alumni to the chUMp school don't know who Desmond Howard is or was.

    David Brandon fits the chUMp profile to a T but should be elected to this hall of shame by the veterans committee.

    Therefore, I cast my ballot for top chUMp of 2013 for our boy Taylor Lewan. I was at Lucas Oil Stadium for this year's B1G Championship and watched the boy wonder accept some offensive lineman award. When 80,000 joined in a chorus of disapproval as his name was announced he had a huge belly laugh as he filled the stadium's big screens.

    Mr. chUMp, you earned these boo's not because you play for a conference rival. You earned them because you continue to call your rival's Ohio and Little Brother. You earned them because you play like you have all ready been drafted by the Oakland Raiders for your dirty play. (Justice would be served if he has to block for his Ohio friend, Terrelle Pryor.) You earned them because of your off the field escapades. You earned earned them because your truly are a chUMp. Your varsity mug shot should be emblazoned next to the definition of a chUMp on this website for the year for you truly earned that designation for 2013.

    I can't wait to see who wears the yellow skunk stripes as next year's candidates.

    1. Maybe we could Name The Award after the inaugural winner. For example, "The Taylor Lewan King chUMp Award".

  4. I really believe the vote has to go Desmond Howard. This man sits on a major media platform, watched by thousands of future D1 football recruits and parent alike. The man is so ingrained in chump love that he cant be professional for even the shortest of segments and give other teams their due respect. The man talked about the Defense being "good but "not great", he referred to offense as being inept "because that is Dantonio ball". He stated that Stanford would "run away with rose bowl in the second half" due to the adjustments made at halftime. His hatred for MSU im sure goes right to #1 vs NoOne, where he dropped the final pass in the endzone to cost UM a possible victory. Pass Interference? Maybe. A pure Drop? Absolutely.


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