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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Today is one of the great days in University of Michigan sports history, as one of their most beloved and respected coaches was born on this day in 1941. Today is Gary Moeller's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COACH MOELLER!

Moeller is one of those "Michigan Men" who never attended college at UM, instead playing at Ohio STATE. So he is literally a "Buckeye". But he was paid by the university, twice as an assistant coach, and later as head coach. It was during his illustrious run at the top of the wolverine food-chain that Moeller made history for his employer.

Gary Moeller was arrested on April 28, 1995 for drunk-and-disorderly behavior at the Exalibur restaurant in Southfield. He was carrying on like an angry drunk, verbally abusing anybody nearby, including his wife. When the police arrived, they tried to let Moeller go without being arrested, but Moeller wouldn't take a hint or accept the help. He kept ranting and raving and stinking up the scene until he had to be handcuffed and taken off to the pokey. Plus he punched some cops along the way.

Moeller was "resigned" within days, and a previously unknown assistant coach protested very loudly about the firing at first, then was hired to be his successor. The very vocal objector was Lloyd Carr. So Carr's UM career was made possible by the firing of Moeller.

Wolverines everywhere can celebrate the fond memory of Michigan Head Football Coach Gary Moeller, hand-picked by Glenn Shembechler to take over his program, being dragged off to the drunk-tank after driving his wife and everybody around him crazy while he drank himself into oblivion.

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