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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


The Spartans win against Iowa has left them zero games out of First Place in the B1G Conference standings. Most people still describe Michigan as "being in first place", but technically, it is tied-up between the two schools. MSU has played two more games than UM, so the Wolverines need to win their next game to pull ahead.

By the time Michigan State plays another conference contest, Michigan will have caught up on the schedule with two more league games. But while the Spartans were knocked out of First last weekend, they are back in it with a non-conference road trip coming up this weekend.

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  1. Of course I would have preferred to beat UM, but losing to them on Saturday and coming back on Tuesday on the road against Iowa, may have more impact. It was a championship moment, because they got right up off the mat against Michigan and beat a tough determined opponent. We will beat UM in the rematch; but winning this game was imperative to setting the tone for this part of the season. GOGREEN!

  2. Are we stil tied with scUM with their win againt Purdue?

    1. UM moved back into First Place, by one-half-game over MSU. If they win this weekend, they will be ahead by a full game. If they lose this weekend, we will be tied with them in first.


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