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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rose Bowl Post-Game

My predictions are published in Countdown To Roses - The Rose Bowl by the Numbers
First, congratulations to Stanford for an outstanding season and compliments on a well-played, hard fought constest in Pasadena.

The biggest success in the analysis is the prediction that the Spartans would have a successful passing and and the Cardinal pass game would be somewhat contained. Also, that there would be drama rushing the ball, both ways was mentnioned. All of this came true in an exciting game.

Both teams played tough. Great game.

And, now comes crow time. I either get to crow or I eat crow. Either way, I am covered in roses.

Stanford Predictions:
101 yards rushing (+27/-21 yards) actual: 162 yards, 34 yards more than predicted.
147 yards passing (+41/-44 yards) actual: 143 yards.
15 points (+4/-4 points) actual: 20 points, 1 point higher than predicted.

Michigan St. Predictions:
96 yards rushing (+26/-22 yards) actual: 65 yards, 9 yards lower than predicted.
202 yards passing (+32/-54 yards) actual: 332 yards, 98 yards more than predicted.
19 points (+4/-7 points) actual: 24 points, 1 point higher than predicted.

Margin of victory predicted is 4 points, which matches the game result.

Only 1 of 6 correct but 3 others were very close calls.

Roses are wonderful. I don't think any crow is served today.

Thank you Spartans, may I have another!

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