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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


We've reached the final round of voting for the 2013 "chUMp of the Year" award. There are three finalists from which to choose:

Brandon and Lewan earned "chUMp-of-the-Month" awards in 2013, while Howard was recognized for "dishonorable mention" in a September that was filled with chUMpy behavior.

The two "dishonorable mention" awardees who fell out of the competition were Fitz Toussaint, Royce Jenkins-Stone, and Brady Hoke. Here are the reasons why they were nominated and subsequently passed over for "chUMp-of-the-Year":

FITZ TOUSSAINT was named "chUMp-of-the-Month" in October, for opening his big mouth before playing MSU and calling Spartan Nation "Little Brother. Apparently, he just couldn't help himself. But he got punked-out on game-day and basically lost his job afterwards, so we'll just call that enough punishment for one chUMp.

ROYCE JENKINS-STONE was named "chUMp-of-the-Month" in November, for openly assaulting Ohio STATE kick-returner Dontre Wilson after a wicked horse-collar tackle that was not penalized since the game was being played by "Michigan Rules" in the Pig House. (They've been known to use their own rules before.) When you watch the video of the incident, you can clearly see a group of UM players surround the OSU player as the play ends, standing over him and shouting trash at point-blank range. But it was Jenkins-Stone who jumped on Dontre Wilson and started to fight him in broad daylight. However, this punk took a dive straight into obscurity after that game, so we'll just call this a case of chUMp-and-run. 

BRADY HOKE was mentioned in dishonor in December, for repeatedly claiming a broken foot is actually "a case of "turf-toe". Forget the donuts and the headsets and the assistant coaches and all of that stuff, what about outright LYING TO THE PUBLIC? Devin Gardner was on crutches, in a walking-boot, and not practicing for weeks, but Hoke kept telling everybody it was all due to a case of "turf-toe". Then, practically at the last second before the bowl game, word comes out that Gardner broke his foot against Ohio State. In other words, not turf-toe. So it's fair now to say that Brady Hoke is a big fat liar. But since he has delivered 11 losses the past two years, we don't want to ruffle his feathers too much, so we'll let him get back to "his work".

We request your comments to help select the 2013 Winner! Please click on "1 comment" below and vote for any of these candidates.

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  1. I know in my heart I'm supposed to say Brandon. He's older, should know better, and yet still makes decisions - not to mention the comments made regarding those decisions - that baffle the mind. What is wrong with this man?

    But the wacko-factor compels me to vote for Lewan. Big, nasty, mentally unbalanced (we can assume, given the behavior), with a chip weighing down his massive shoulders, and unencumbered by any semblance of moral restraint. Unless he makes some serious adjustments - with the assistance of professionals - the Chump of the Year might well be wearing prison blues soon enough. That is, if he leaves any witnesses.

    1. Correction: "MY Chump of the Year", not "the Chump of the Year". Democracy is burdensome, but nevertheless I'll allow a vote before making any declarations :)

  2. I realize there is a great impetus to selecting TL, but that should be thUMp of the year.

    Father Noid is my vote.

    Who is worse, the idiot or the idiot who hired the idiot?
    Da blane! Da blane! Not only did he hire the sky writers, he then went on to claim they were off course, that it happened all over the state (except over Michigan Stadium), then thried to minimize it by claiming it cost (out of athletic department funds) much less than what the sky writers said it cost. To continue his arrogance (a quality valued by chUMps), he did not bother to try to match the MSU Alumni fund raising for a significant charity. Had he done so, he could have regained a measure of respect.

    No respect. Arrogance. Ability to simultaneously talk out of both sides at the same time. Idiot. Makes for a chUMp.

  3. Mine is Desmond Howard for sure. He is suppose to be some kind of promulgator of football knowledge, instead he is a poor excuse for what he is suppose to be. Sure, it's entertainment but for football fans it needs to attain a reasonable standard of expertise minus the bias. From the beginning of the season he downplayed and downgraded the defense. He picked against State when they played UM, OSU and of course the 17 point spread he predicted for a Stanford win. State hasn't given up 30 points since the BCG against Wisc. in 2011. Only 2 teams have scored 28 points over the past two seasons. So Stanford was going to somehow blow us out by 17. It was a totally punk ass statement that he stuck with through halftime. Keep in mind he is part of a group of UM players from the 90's that have this totally elitist attitude toward the Spartans, stating that MSU should not be mentioned in the same sentence with UM. Any win MSU got back then was the result of some freak play or whatever. He cannot let go of that and admitting the truth in the face of evidence is more than he is capable of. I get nauseated just hearing him speak.

  4. All tremendous points of support for excellent choices! Looks like this competition may go down to the wire...


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