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Friday, January 24, 2014


Let's take a look at the overall basketball team performances of Michigan State and Michigan on a season-by-season basis over the last five years:

  • 2009:  31-7 first place / final four
  • 2010:  29-9 first place / final four
  • 2011:  19-15 fourth place / first round
  • 2012:   29-8 first place / sweet sixteen
  • 2013:   27-9 second place / sweet sixteen

MSU FIVE YEAR TOTAL = 135-48 (.738)
Five Big Dance Bids, Two Final Fours, Two Sweet Sixteens

  • 2009:  20-13 seventh place / second round
  • 2010:  15-17 seventh place / no tournament
  • 2011:  20-13 fourth place / second round
  • 2012:  24-9 first place / first round
  • 2013:  26-7 fourth place / final four

UM FIVE YEAR TOTAL = 105-59 (.640)
Four Big Dance Bids, One Final Four

Over the past five years, MSU has won about 10% more games, including three conference titles and two final fours, compared to one each for UM. (We'll leave years six through ten for later review, as we're confident those UM years will pale in comparison to the same seasons for MSU.)

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