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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


One of the many story-lines surrounding the MSU-UM basketball game over the weekend was the absence of Brady Hoke in the Breslin Center. Nobody reported seeing the Michigan Football Coach at the basketball game, a striking contrast to last season. Hoke attended the same game last year, sitting behind the Wolverine bench in an apparent attempt to steal recruits from Mark Dantonio.

Hoke is known for his attraction to Sparty, the Michigan State "mascot". He is also known for making the wrong call at the wrong time in his football career. So it may not be that surprising to notice that Hoke conspicuously attended the game that his school lost by 23 points, then stayed away from the game where his team won by five points.

David Brandon was also absent from the big game, despite his recent claims that he was "proud of" MSU for winning the Rose Bowl. Plenty of highlights of the football season were shown on the big-screen at Breslin, so we think Brandon would have enjoyed being there. Plus he would have been comfortable reading the wrap-around digital message board at Breslin, as the experience of reading it from ground level is similar to reading sky-writing. (Brandon is a sky-writing enthusiast.)

In fact, not that many Michigan fans at all in Breslin last weekend. Certainly less than 1000, and probably fewer than 500 from my perspective. Proves that they weren't all that confident entering the game, perhaps explaining all of their crowing after the game.

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  1. I think I want to change my vote. ESPN should get the chUMp of the Year award.

    Before and during the UM at MSU game:
    They showed the banners, but the UM banner was conspicuously in front of the MSU banner.
    They replayed the Hart Insult video.
    They allowed Desmond "da geek" Howard a cameo, sans 60s vintage black plastic glasses.

    The first half of the game was nothing except how great UolM is in b-ball.

    It was so blantantly biased it was a challenge to not switch to "Castle" or the History Channel.

  2. The relentless, compulsive stupidity of this website is unmatched. I could catalog the examples, but it would take volumes and SpartanMan82 would never get it ... because of that relentless, compulsive thing. So I will keep it simple.
    He earlier dared me to point out his many errors of usage and mechanics. I will narrow that circle only to those errors in the five lines of display copy under the page header "Spartan Resource and DUMP the ChUMps." That display copy and header appear, I believe, on every page of his website.

    Line 3: He writes "perspective OF" rather than the idiomatic "perspective ON." But perhaps SpartanMan82 is not a native speaker and thus does not know English idioms?

    Line 4: SpartanMan82 writes "ACTUAL fact" ... as opposed to, say, "UNACTUAL fact"? There seems to be a misunderstanding here about the meaning of the word "fact."

    Line 5: SpartanMan82 prefers the incorrect "it's" to "its." But then, millions of middle school kids have made the same error in English class.

    1. Anonymous, Those errors are mine. Thanks for the feedback, for visiting and for commenting on the site. I am known for poor writing and typing skills. I suck at spelling too. I'm not as bad as I used to be, although I still tend to leave entire words out of sentences as I type so slow that my thoughts get ahead of the three fingers with which I use to type. As bad as I am in those areas, it is not a reflection of an intelligence deficit, although SM82 probably has me beat in that area too. They are just skills I just never developed. So, if you run across my occasional posts and would like to report typographical or structural errors, I'll definitely make the corrections if you'll report them. I'm an amateur and I could use a good editor. I'll correct lines 3 and 5 as those are definitely incorrect. Thanks again. -R2G

  3. Thanks so much for your grammatical observations. Good point on Line 3, and definitely correct on Line 5.

    The point about "actual facts" is to call attention to the - - - as you suggest - - - "unactual facts" that are perpetuated by the mainstream media about the University in Michigan. I think it's good for people to notice that semantic angle, so I'm sure we'll leave that as it is.

    I didn't write that section, there's more than just one person on this project. You can find my work labeled accordingly. I'll pass it on to the appropriate department.

    Since you made a couple of valid points of grammar, we'll let your comment appear for the next week, so that you may revel in your own relentless stupidity for compulsively making anonymous comments on this web site. At least give yourself some dUMb name.

  4. Ahh, now this is refreshing. It's been a while since I've heard the, "Yeah.... well.... our academics are better!" argument.

    I'll bet that SpartanMan82 pulled one on you. He "dared" you to go ahead and scrutinize the site. To himself, it was, "Let me see if this dope will actually go about dissecting a post on an MSU sports site, contenting himself in finding an errant apostrophe here and there."
    You took the bait. You get to feel superior. And you're an early favorite for "Mr. Buzzkill, 2014".
    "Mr. Buzzkill, look! People are enjoying themselves over there! Surely you can spoil the party, and fast!"


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