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Saturday, June 27, 2015


The news about Jim Minick driving drunk and running his car off the road into a tree was quite appropriate, as Minick works for the University of Michigan. Wolverine athletes and coaches, most notably in football, have a long history of drinking and driving their way to a DUI.

Minick may be the latest UM football luminary to get popped for too much punch, as he was arrested, suspended, and reinstated in a three week span. But he's not the brightest light in the DUI Sky for Michigan. That distinction now belongs to Head Coach Jim Harbaugh.

Harbaugh is one of many in the Michigan Football
program to be arrested for drunkenness.

But he must be the only UM Coach with a DUI to hire
an assistant who got a DUI within months of his hire.

Gary Moeller was the all-time UM leader for Drunk and Disorderly after his famous meltdown at the Excalibur restaurant in Southfield. Hard to top the sitting Head Coach berating his wife and pushing police officers around in public during an evening out after which he was out of a job.

What about players like Daryl Stonum, who police found slumped over the steering wheel of his car while it was idling at a blinking red light. Stonum entered the legal system, in which he committed multiple acts of negligence, default, and repeated drunk driving. His suspension spanned the tenures of two different head coaches.

Don't forget Braylon Edwards, who was arrested for "Extreme DUI" just last month, his second offense as a pro player. He wasn't playing for UM at the time, so he ranks behind Stonum, who would have easily earned the rank of "Extreme" if had just done his thing south of the state line.

Everybody needs a third place winner and for recent players we will name Fitz Toussaint, a fancy-named Frenchman who enjoys his wine with dinner, lunch, and sometimes breakfast. The arresting officer said Fitzy was very nice about his arrest, which was later posted as a YouTube video. A sequel was posted showing the booking process after his arrest. A very famous drunk!

And finally, what about THIS GUY, who said the UM Football team drove-him-to-drink-and-drive by getting bullwhipped by MSU in Spartan Stadium two years ago. Nobody caught up to him last fall after the 35-11 loss by his "victors".

But we still say Harbaugh tops the list, because he is the current head coach, he was popped for DUI in his mid-30s, and he hand-picked and hired the guy who just got busted last month. Has there ever been another UM coach who both has a DUI and then hired a (questionably qualified) subordinate who then also racked up a DUI within a few short months of his hire?

Man, that Harbaugh is quick!

He hired Minick in February, and
Minick got his first UM-DUI by May.

Have we missed one of your favorite Michigan Wolverine crazy-drunk stories? Let us know, by leaving a Comment below.

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