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Monday, June 15, 2015


(originally published on 1-8-15)

We all get the picture of Mark Dantonio as a "family man", with a wife and kids that matter to him. He's been married for 24 years to his one and only wife. Upon being named Michigan State Head Football Coach, he mentioned his children's affinity to green-and-white*, developed while he worked as an assistant at MSU, as a reason for coming back to East Lansing permanently.

The flashy new guy down in Ann Arbor is just a little bit different than Dantonio. Jim Harbaugh was a carousing playboy during his NFL years, once asking a team staffer to track down the phone number of a lingerie model whose picture he had just circled in a catalog. Towards the end of his playing days, he got married.

Then he got divorced. Then he got married to a woman who is 15 years younger than him. (Since he was over age 31 at the time, it was not illegal to do so.) He reportedly met his current wife in the parking lot of a chinese restaurant. In all, he has six offspring by two different wives. He is apparently leaving one of his "families" behind to take the Michigan job.

This post is a personal observation
comparing Harbaugh to Dantonio,
it's not about playing careers or coaching styles.

Make of it what you want.

(I have my own "take on it",
but for this article, I'll leave it at that.)


*Page 30 of the link: "We still lay on Spartan blankets at home. We have a lot of things from Michigan State that are just cherished as part of our past." -Mark Dantonio in 2006

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