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Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Many people have wondered aloud just how many wins are "expected of" the great Jim Harbaugh in his first season as Head Coach of Michigan. While some rabid wolverine-lovers have predicted a National Title next season, other deluded Sparty-fans are thinking the Blue Elvis may only win a handful of games in 2015.

We make no predictions here!

We review the possible outcomes, and project 
the likely response from the UM fan-base
(which includes the sports media).

The list below describes how Harbaugh-lovers will feel about their new coach based on the number of games his team will win during his inaugural season:

  • 12 wins =  "He is a God among men"
  • 11 wins =  "He is our true savior" 
  • 10 wins =  "Jim is the light and the way"
  •   9 wins =  "Jimmy has us back in the hunt"
  •   8 wins =  "Harbaugh had a great first season"
  •   7 wins =  "Harbaugh did a nice job this year"
  •   6 wins =  "Harbaugh has UM moving in the right direction"
  •   5 wins =  "Our new coach has laid the foundation for future success"
  •   4 wins =  "Good start, next year it will all come together"
  •   3 wins =  "The refs really jobbed us, it's not our coach's fault"
  •   2 wins =  "Our players are not buying-in to the new coach"
  •   1 win  =  "Harbaugh gets a FREE PASS, this was only his first season"
  •   0 wins =  "Bring back Rich Rod"

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