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Tuesday, June 9, 2015


(originally published on 1-5-15)

Brady Hoke was (eventually) picked-on for many things by fickle Michigan fans, but only after the wins came fewer and farther between. One of the things he was criticized for during his final days - - - by his own fan-base - - - was his great sportsmanship as Michigan Head Coach.

Remember the good relations displayed between Hoke and Mark Dantonio? Professional and friendly post-game hand-shakes, even a well-deserved apology by Hoke for the crazy behavior of his players before the 2014 game at Spartan Stadium. It's likely that the dignified nature of Brady Hoke contributed to Dantonio choosing to not run up the score in several recent games when he had the chance to do so.

Jim Harbaugh offers a break from sportsmanship and dignified behavior. Michigan got what they wanted by hiring a win-at-all-costs coach who apparently believes that dignity is what he sees when he flushes the toilet.

Mark Dantonio was wrongly accused by UM fans of running up the score against them because he ordered dozens of running-plays and kneel-downs at the end of many of his victories over the Wolverines. But what about Harbaugh?

He actually went for a two-point conversion with a 27-point lead at the end of a game while coaching at Stanford in 2009. This is the textbook version of "running up the score". It literally has no place in dignified athletic competition. Just like Harbaugh.

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