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Saturday, June 13, 2015


(originally published on 1-7-15)
Part Seven
Jim Harbaugh returns to Michigan with a reputation as a "winner", and by now, every true-blue UM fan has his team records memorized. They can tell you all about San Diego and San Francisco and Stanford. But what about Harbaugh's record at the University of Michigan?

His four years in Ann Arbor yielded an overall winning record, as did anybody who played under Bo Shembechler. After all, Coach Glenn only had one non-winning year, with a 6-6 finish in 1984. That year was unusual, with a lot of injuries, and a starting quarterback named Jim Harbaugh.

Wait, what's that you say? Harbaugh was QB for Shembechler's worst team at Michigan? That's absolutely correct. The Wolverines were 6-6 in 1984 with a come-from-ahead bowl game loss.

Hold on, did you just say that "Captain Comeback" lost a game in which his team held a half-time lead? That's absolutely correct. Michigan led Brigham Young 15-13 at the half, only to lose, 22-15.

Harbaugh's record as a player at UM also included three bowl-game losses in four tries. And yes, he lost to Michigan State.

So there still seems to be "more to the story" about Harbaugh than what UM officials are talking about, and perhaps much more than the Michigan Mainstream Media Machine is letting on.

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