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Thursday, June 25, 2015


We have all been witness to the sports media romancing of Michigan Football Coach Jim Harbaugh. Ever since his hiring, sports reporters across the nation have been fawning over him, scrambling for a chance to get up close and person with their favorite man-crush. All before he has even coached a game.

What will happen this fall, during the actual football season, if things don't go just right? For example, what if Halloween comes around and UM has not clinched the national title, what then? Will the blue-and-yellow journalists accept any and all excuses from Shembechler Hall?

One excuse that is no longer available for use by the new guy is the "We're too young" claim upon which Brady Hoke built his short career in Ann Arbor. You remember those days, don't you? Every time something went wrong, Hoke and his minions claimed their team was basically nothing but true freshmen at every position, especially the offensive line. They would have had us believe that the Michigan O-Line was comprised solely of high school sophomores, despite the presence of two fifth-year senior starters last season.

We exposed the "True Lies" about the Wolverine Excuse Machine several times, including here and here. They weren't true then, and they definitely aren't true now, as Phil Steele has already proclaimed UM Football to be one of the oldest and most experienced teams in college football.

So that's one more card that can no longer be played by the Bluebloods. At least for football. They will probably continue to make such excuses about their men's basketball team, and they have a point there, but only due to their own coach. John Beilein simply does not want seniors on his teams, period. He wants them to either drop out or leave before their final season of eligibility is used up.

When we turn our attention to basketball, we will point out how many Beilein recruits end up celebrating their "Senior Night" in another team's arena. Max Bielfeldt will be the next former Wolverine to finish up elsewhere.

So as we approach football season, we can rest assured that we will not hear the whining of Wolverine Nation include excuses about "youth", as that has been de-bunked, once and for all.

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