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Thursday, June 11, 2015


(originally published on 1-6-15)

Part Six
How old were you the last time you got into a fight? When was the last time you confronted somebody to punch them out because they called you a name? For most of us, probably Middle School, for some of us, perhaps High School. In the case of competitive athletes, this might crop up once in awhile at the College level.

We can all agree that when somebody calls you a name, you can answer back with the old "sticks and stones" saying, or you could walk away, or you could get a lawyer if you think you have a case. But you probably don't lash out into fisticuffs over name-calling, not once you're all grown-up.

Or maybe unless you're Jim Harbaugh? He confronted a name-caller with punches and man-wrestling at the tender age of 34. And the man he attacked was Jim Kelly, while he was working his television job covering pro football after his retirement.

Wait, what, you're saying? You didn't hear about this in the big presser last week in Ann Arbor? You can find out about it in this online list, or from these sources:

The physical evidence of the assault was the broken punching-hand of Harbaugh. And by the way, he wants you to think that he actually connected with Kelly, but not according to Kelly:

When people refer to the newly anointed savior as "Captain Crazy" or "Head-Case Harbaugh" or other similar names, this is one of the examples of why is described as such. There are reasons why Michigan didn't hire Harbaugh in the past.

The inmates are now running the asylum
down in Shembechler hall.

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1 comment:

  1. Let's see, my last fight. . .
    Oh ya, last August. The 280 tub of lard went down like a spiral cut Honey Baked Ham. And I was 57 at the time.
    Location: Tee box of the 35th hole of the 36 hole club championship. I parred the last two to complete my second straight 77.
    Harbaugh will look like a baked ham after the finale against Ohio State. How great it would be if he needed a win against Urban to become bowl eligible.


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