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Tuesday, June 23, 2015


(originally published on 5-21-15)

We talk a lot about the discrepancy between REALITY and ILLUSION that is propagated daily by the local sports media in favor of the University of Michigan. In fact, that's the main reason why this web site exists, to bridge the information gap that serves to prop-up the image of UM. If the sports media were fair and balanced and impartial when covering their beloved Wolverines, we would have little reason to contribute our material for your review.

The National Sports Media often climbs right on the Michigan Bandwagon and starts blowing the horn for yellow-and-blue. This week, the Michigan Mainstream Media Machine (M-4) took to the Internet once again, proudly proclaiming that Jim Harbaugh is the #6 Coach in college football.

Hold on, now, Harbaugh hasn't coached a college game in more than four years. He's never had more than three winning seasons in a row as a college coach, and only one winning season in his last four years as a college coach. How does he make it on such a list?

The only explanation is that his "credentials" include professional coaching in the NFL. Yet there are no other NFL coaches on this recently published list. No Belichick, no Carroll, not even a Harbaugh named "John". So it must be that NFL credentials can't get great coaches on this list, unless......unless......unless their name is Jim Harbaugh and they proudly wear Khakis while tweeting love letters to the girlfriends of high school athletes.

What's next, a list showing Tom Brady 
as the #6 "college quarterback"?

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