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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Are you tired of hearing Jayru Campbell described as a "Michigan State Recruit" as his legal case winds its way through the juvenile justice system? That term makes it sound like MSU has some connection to this high school football player more than any other school. But it's actually not the case.

Campbell is actually a "Prospect" until he signs his official letter-of-intent (along with his guardian, of course). On signing day, the prospect becomes a "Recruit" of one particular school. But not until that moment.

Jayru Campbell may as well be called a "Notre Dame Recruit", a "Wisconsin Recruit", or even an "Alabama Recruit", since those are the three schools to actually offer him a scholarship along with Mark Dantonio. The only difference is that Campbell made some public statement to the effect that he was going to sign with MSU. That declaration, as we are well aware, does not necessarily mean it will happen.

So when the mainstream media continually use the incorrect term to describe this young miscreant, they are staining Michigan State with his misbehavior, even though our coaches have not had him in their program and under their authority for a single minute. To put it quite bluntly, "We didn't do anything wrong here." The offer was made before the juvenile delinquency surfaced, and there is no reason to do or un-do anything with regard to him at this stage, since there is no binding commitment of any kind in either direction.

Sorry about what the kid did, but his actions and status have nothing whatsoever to do with Michigan State University. This is another example of the undercurrent of media bias against MSU that filters subliminally into the subconscious of us all as we consume the mainstream media.

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  1. Are you tired of hearing Sharieff Rhaheed-Muhammad,described as a "Louisville Recruit" That term makes it sound like Louisville has some connection to this high school football player more than any other school. But it's actually not the case.

    muhammad may as well be called a "Michigan State Recruit",

    Muhammad is actually a "Prospect" until he signs his official letter-of-intent (along with his guardian, of course). On signing day, the prospect becomes a "Recruit" of one particular school. But not until that moment.

    1. Louisville signee arrested for allegedly impregnating his 14-year-old cousin

    2. This is sort funny. Read your third paragraph (above) then read your next comment. Chuckle!

    3. You may want to work on your reading comprehension. You actually quoted an excerpt from my article, in which I specify the legal status-change that occurs when a "Prospect" signs a letter-of-intent, turning that player into a "Recruit" of one school only.

      In your second comment, you correctly report that this player has, indeed, signed a LOI with Louisville. After signing day, he got into trouble with the law. Bad break for Louisville, but he belongs to them now.

      Not so with Jayru Campbell, and that's the whole point of my article. What a weak attempt at a cheap shot by you. You couldn't even follow the most basic level of reasoning as described in my article.

      The entire point is based on the fact that Campbell has not signed with MSU, yet you bring up a player that HAS signed with Louisville as proof of something that exists only in your mind.

      To be clear: The Rhaheed kid (who I'd never heard of) has signed to play with Louisville, so he is a "Louisville Recruit". Campbell has signed with no school, so he is a "Prospect" with no official connection to MSU.

      (Interestingly, while looking this guy up, I found a link on a national web site to reports of the UM rape scandal, as that is national news.)

      Is this all too hard for you? It's okay, you might want to re-boot your reading skills with a few rounds of your old "Dick & Jane" books. You can still catch up, you just need to work on it more. You can do it.

  2. But he committed to MSU after a scholarship was offered. He is more MSU than any other school.... Until MSU yanks his offer, he will still be associated with MSU... recruit thugs and deal with the consequences.

  3. Sorry, pal, you're not even close to the ballpark, much less in the ballgame. You can read up top where I list the FOUR SCHOOLS THAT OFFERED HIM A SCHOLARSHIP. That's the end of what the school can do, and all four schools did it. They are all equal in the act of offering this player a football scholarship. Have you caught on yet?

    Hate to repeat, but you're just repeating your same claim, the one that was off-point to begin with, and has already been refuted. Since you're more interested in reading the comments than the article, I'll give you one more rundown of the thesis.

    All four schools offered him the scholarship, then he decided on his own to say that he was going to plan to make a commitment later, on his national signing day, to sign a letter-of-intent to play for MSU. The next official action MSU can take in the process will be on that future day, when they can choose to accept or reject the COMMITMENT. In the meantime, the boy can change his mind, as boys like him do on a regular basis in this process, and when and if he does, he can do it again, and again, and again, and it's all totally legal. And it means NOTHING until he signs that LOI.

    Would you say that every time the boy changes his mind, switching the name of the school in a public statement, that the "new school of choice" is now culpable for the moral transgressions that said boy may commit after he names that school as his choice? If that sounds convoluted, you're hearing your own point.

    So get on your jammies and run off to bed, will you? Oh, go ahead, have the milk and cookies first, whatever. Just take a hike and don't come back here to throw crap like that on our comment boards.

  4. Just a clarification: Until he signs the LOI or takes the alternate path of directly enrolling at the school. A player does not need to sign an LOI to get a scholarship. The LOI protects both the recruits and the school's interests by stopping poaching of players.

    Since when did MSU or any other school claim to be prescient? No one can foretell the future. Had MSU offered the scholarship after the incident then the claim that MSU was "recruiting thugs" would have validity. That is not what happened.

    Trash talking by anonymous posters is simply trolling.

    By the way, this is not a message board. This is supposed to be a blog, and posters are supposed to make mature, informed, intelligent comments. Try it. It will be a new experience for you and you might actually enjoy it and gains something for the effort.

  5. I would put ****s where appropriate and leave it up. If we start censoring things, regardless of the reason, then we become the mainstream media we are trying to educate and uplift.

  6. If that means you could just freely edit my post to your liking than forget it. You deleted my last post for no reason at all apparently. No matter though, my words will fall on deaf, green ears anyways.... look upon the world in your green-tinted glasses and admire the view.

    1. It's pretty hard to figure "you" out. Hard to tell if you're here to fight or to talk.

      Part of the problem is the "Anonymous" label. We can't prove that all of the comments from "Anonymous" in any thread are from the same person. It just seems that way. We tend to assume all comments so labeled are from the same person.

      Yes, I could edit your post to my liking, simply by copy and paste and revise and then enter it under the name "Anonymous". In that way, nobody would ever know from whom it came, if it was labeled "Anonymous".

      And yes, this is a "green-tinted" web site, no doubt about that. And yes, it's our site and not your site.

      If I hear from any of the other authors that want your comments re-posted, I will do so, and with the support of 76, I may do so anyway. If I do, then I will respond to your claims. And no, I'm not going to go "ask anyone from Detroit".

      By the way, in case your post is restored, bear this in mind: When MLive or the Freep deletes a post, it's gone for good, no such thing as a restored post on this web sites. So go call them a F****** like you did to us in one of your deleted posts.

    2. I would like to clarify the the f word above WAS NOT a gay slur or the "fu" word... I would not have written those words for the record. I simply referred to the moderators as radical authoritarian nationalists. Google it if you must.

  7. " I strike thy comment down with my mighty hammer!" So says the infallible spartan God zeus.

  8. Anonymous could start commenting without using his Google login and revealing his identity. Here is how to do it: Under "comment as", select Name/URL instead of anonymous, then simply type a desired screen name such as, The Blue Wall or some other name he desires. It is not tied to any accounts, email addresses or anything.

  9. I don't want to read any more of what this guy is trying to say. Do not repost and let him crawl back to the athletic department at WalMart for his fall wardrobe.

  10. This is anonymous.... lastly, for the record the 1st 2 comments about louisville were not mine.

    1. Congrats on using a screen-name. This should help us understand who is saying what. For discussion purposes, we will reply to "the blue wall" only about what "the blue wall" says.

      The distinction between you and the reader who posted the comments about the "Louisville Recruit" is key to this situation, as those comments were distinctly stupid. Glad to see you're above that level of non-reasoning.

      We also got called "stupid" by an "Anonymous" commenter on a differrent article today. We will further assume that was not you, and proceed to delete their comment.

      Finally, we will assume that the two comments in this thread deleted yesterday for marginal language infractions was, indeed, you, aka, "the blue wall", and after discussion of the matter, I will restore your comments. I will try to name those comments as coming from "the blue wall", though I don't normally post comments as anyone but myself.

  11. Restored Comment from March 6, 2014:

    Excuse me... But he is a thug and has been a thug. Talk to any football player in the Detroit area, including his own teammates. MSU and other school that recruited him knew of his fighting, refusing of shaking hands, racially charged verbal rants and other actions less becoming of an upstanding citizen. As for anonymous posting, I can truly tell you that my Google account is very telling of my name and title and I will not subject myself to retribution if him or any of his thug friends read this. But Suffice to say I'm closer to him and his friends than I am comfortable to admit. Call me coward if you want but I have a family to protect. And lastly if he had committed to Alabama the headline would have been "Alabama recruit Jayru Campbell to face charges"but he didn't commit to Alabama.... He committed to MSU, hence calling him a MSU recruit. Would you prefer "MSU commit" because that is also true... Sorry if you feel butt hurt by the situation. Shane Morris was called a Michigan recruit shortly after committing as a sophomore in high school and if he had slammed a school body guard on his face you better believe the headlines would have been "Michigan recruit Shane Morris to face charges" but on sure you'll somehow refute this. There is no conspiracy against MSU. Frankly most of this country couldn't care less. Congrats on the season and rose bowl... frankly I'm jealous, but to continue to wave these banners of inequality and injustices for MSU are childish and stupid.

  12. While I am not going to weigh in on the subject matter, I am going to express fory displeasure of the use of the word "thug". This term has developed into a term that is used in a similar context to the N word or "boy" back in the 60's. Richard Sherman goes off on a post game rant and he isn't an outspoken, boisterous football player. No he gets called a "thug".

    The English language is packed with some many words, terms, and phases that you can make your point without using a term that has become the go to word to describe any young man of a certain race that "steps out of line." Let's not perpetuate this issue.

  13. The Lansing State Journal has an article today about this boy, and the terminology they use and the way they describe his status is much more in line with what is appropriate under the circumstances. They don't simply label him as "an MSU recruit".

    Link here:


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