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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


A federal agency is now investigating the University of Michigan regarding its handling of the Brendan Gibbons rape scandal. The Detroit News reports today that the Office for Civil Rights, a division of the United States Department of Education, has taken up the case.

Many have alleged that UM covered-up the sexual assault incident in order to protect one of its own football players. The rape victim was also a scholarship-athlete. Gibbons was arrested in 2009, only hours after the attack took place, but was not expelled from the university until the end of 2013. He played in at least one football game after the school found him guilty based on the "preponderance of evidence" brought against him. Gibbons has not appealed his penalty.

Several student groups are joining together today to march in the streets as a protest against the handling of this case by the UM administration. The protest march is scheduled to begin at 2:00 p.m. at the Rackham Auditorium. Here is a link to the Facebook Page for this event.

We have been reporting this story for the last month on this web site, and you can find a number of articles archived here for your review. Another informational resource just came to our attention, part of a web site called "". Here is the link to their web site.

Many Michigan apologists have been denying the relevance of this story for the past month, some of them accusing us of making mountains out of molehills. But the events of today prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a real problem going on with UM Football. This story has been reported by Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report, and all of the Detroit-based sports media, among many others.

To paraphrase one of the "anonymous" commenters to our site, you'd have to be an ostrich to keep denying this story any longer.

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  1. I read that the US Dept. of Education is also investigating MSU on similar grounds. Good. The difference from my point of view is I am not saying ignore MSU and just look at UM. Too many chUMps are doing doing look over there at MSU hoping that nobody notices the goings on in Ann Arbor.

    As I recall from the 2010 incident, the prosecuting attourney convinced the victim to not proceed. The reasons could be any from a long list. However, we knew about the case and the dealings in it in real time, not 4 years later.

    1. While we don't have specifics yet of what case the DOE is investigating at MSU, or whether it is a specific case at all, we can't see for certain that the MSU investigation involves student-athletes.

      But we do know for certain that the University of Michigan educated Prosecutor in Ingham County officially reported the reason for not bringing charges in 2010 against two MSU athletes who were complained about by a female. We have the documents from that case, and we will be posting them on this web site IF we can find any evidence that the DOE is looking into it.

      More curious about who filed the "other" complaint in the UM case, and who filed the complaint in the MSU case. We will eventually find out both.

  2. The one thing that is most infuriating about the Gibbons case is that so many chUMps are claiming that since the victim did not take it to court, that Gibbons is "innocent." "Case closed."

    If MSU is found to be deficient in how they handle things of this nature, then I will be right there demanding changes, higher standards, transparency where it is appropriate, and accountability. There will be no denial by the Spartan.

    1. MSUSpartan76, I have never met you in person or even spoken with you, but I have read your commentaries, and I have NO DOUBT AT ALL that you are speaking the truth on this subject. I am CERTAIN that you would be on the warpath if there was reason to believe something like the Gibbons case had happened, or was happening, at MSU.

      That said, we still don't know what exactly is under review at MSU. Could be a matter of systemic policy application, or could involve regular students. We'll just have to wait and see.


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