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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Looking ahead to the next game between Michigan State and Michigan in men's basketball this weekend, and we continue our comparison of the teams in this long rivalry. Let's review the last 25 games between these teams.

Our 25-game span covers 13 years, a time-frame that offers a good-sized medium-range view of the series. It also represents every game played between these teams in the 21st Century.

Some would like a shorter viewpoint, so we've broken those 25 games into five sequential five-game sets. You can get a good sense of the series by viewing it in five-game intervals.

Here are the outcomes of the last 25 games between MSU and UM in Men's Basketball, listed in chronological order with the winner and final margin (bottom = most recent):

(2-01-00) MSU by 20
(3-04-00) MSU by 51
(1-30-01) MSU by 27
(3-03-01) MSU by 21
(1-30-02) MSU by 27
  • MSU 5-0 in games
  • MSU +146 points

(1-26-03) UM by 2
(1-17-04) MSU by 17
(2-24-04) MSU by 3
(1-27-05) MSU by 11
(2-12-05) MSU by 15
  • MSU 4-1 in games
  • MSU +34 points

(1-25-06) UM by 5
(2-18-06) MSU by 19
(2-13-07) MSU by 15
(2-27-07) UM by 11
(1-27-08) MSU by 15
  • MSU 3-2 in games
  • MSU +33 points

(2-10-09) MSU by 12
(1-26-10) MSU by 1
(3-07-10) MSU by 16
(1-27-11) UM by 4
(3-05-11) UM by 7
  • MSU 3-2 in games
  • MSU +18 points

(1-17-12) UM by 1
(2-05-12) MSU by 10
(2-12-13) MSU by 23
(3-03-13) UM by 1
(1-25-14) UM by 5

  • UM 3-2 in games
  • MSU +26 points

Here are a few things we can conclude from reviewing the list of actual games played:

  • Over the last 10 games, MSU and UM are tied at 5-5 in games (but the Spartans have outscored the Wolverines by 44 points).
  • Over the last 15 games, MSU leads UM 8-7 (outscoring them by 77 points).
  • Over the last 20 games, MSU leads UM 12-8 (outscoring them by 111 points).
  • Over the last 25 games, MSU leads UM 17-8 (outscoring them by 257 points in 25 games). The Spartans have had at least one double-digit victory during all but two calendar years since that time (2003, 2011).
  • It's only the last five-game set that Michigan leads, and then it's only 3-2, and Michigan State has scored 26 more points in those games.
  • The Wolverines have won by double-digits over the Spartans only one time since Monica Lewinsky became a household name, and that one game was seven years ago.
  • 15 of the MSU wins have been by double-digits, while four of the UM wins have been by two points or less.

Here is a comparison of the two basketball programs over the past 10 seasons:

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  1. Interesting trivia: In the past 16 seasons, since its inception in 1998, UM has never faced MSU in the B1G Ten Conference tournament.

    A quick note about the data. There is a noticeable trend that shows a strengthening UM basketball program. This is good. It's about time they started competing. It makes the wins that much sweeter and the losses that greater a source of motivation to excel.


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