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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


The regular season men's basketball re-match is coming up this weekend between the Spartans and the Wolverines, so we'll help set the stage by framing up each program and measuring its overall success on a season-by-season basis. We reviewed the rivalry on a five-year basis last month, you can find that article by clicking here. Today we look at the last decade.

Here is a review of the past 10 seasons of men's basketball at Michigan State University and University of Michigan. The following summarizes the success of each season from 2003-2004 to 2012-2013. (Results of the current season are not included below.)

  • 2004:  18-12 second place / first round
  • 2005:  26-7 second place / final four
  • 2006:  22-12 sixth place / first round
  • 2007:  23-12 seventh place / second round
  • 2008:  27-9 fourth place / sweet sixteen
  • 2009:  31-7 first place / final four
  • 2010:  29-9 first place / final four
  • 2011:  19-15 fourth place / first round
  • 2012:   29-8 first place / sweet sixteen
  • 2013:   27-9 second place / sweet sixteen

MSU TEN YEAR TOTAL = 251-100 (.715)
Ten Winning Seasons, Ten NCAA Tournaments
Three Conference Titles
Three Sweet Sixteens
Three Final Fours

  • 2004:  23-11 fifth place / nit 
  • 2005:  13-18 ninth place 
  • 2006:  22-11 sixth place / nit
  • 2007:  22-13 seventh place / nit
  • 2008:  10-22 ninth place
  • 2009:  20-13 seventh place / second round
  • 2010:  15-17 seventh place / no tournament
  • 2011:  20-13 fourth place / second round
  • 2012:  24-9 first place / first round
  • 2013:  26-7 fourth place / final four

UM TEN YEAR TOTAL = 195-134 (.593)
Seven Winning Seasons, Four NCAA Tournaments
One Conference Title
One Final Four

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  1. For completeness sake, both teams also have 1 National Title Runner Up to their credit.

  2. Does the league championships include both regular season and B1G tournament? I bet the record disparity would be even wider in conference play since MSU played so many tough non-league games while Ann Arbor was playing no-names and racking up wins.

    1. The league championships noted at the time of your comment were for the REGULAR SEASON only. I will check the record for the conference tournament and possibly update the article.

      You are totally correct on one aspect of your question. In all of those seasons that UM played in the NIT, they got plenty of extra wins against non-NCAA-Tournament teams.

  3. There is a banner for the regular season.
    There is a banner for the conference tournament.
    Until March Madness starts, there are no banners for OOC success.


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