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Thursday, February 13, 2014


Seems like John Beilein is still getting his feet wet in Ann Arbor. There are some things he's still struggling to figure out. Maybe he thinks he's still back at West Virginia. (Or Richmond?)

Like his comments about the pre-game video that appeared on the big screens before Beilein's team played the Buckeyes. Guessing from his remarks that he didn't like it. Maybe he thought it lacked class, or was unsportsmanlike, or even childish. He did pontificate a bit, vowing that things like that would "never happen" as long as he was wearing yellow-and-blue.

(And let's face it, OSU has a way of going a bit overboard. Personally, I think taking the letter "m" out of their pre-game program is pushing the rivalry towards the lunatic fringe.)

But for Beilein to ride his high horse out of Ohio, talking like he's a British diplomat working in Calcutta is, frankly, comical. He needs to remember the name and true identity of his employer. As the Hokester likes to say, "This is Michigan for gosh sakes!" And we all know at UM, the people are crazy if not crooked.

Time to get real with Beilein, and ask him a key question. He's claiming that he won't be "stooping" or "lowering himself" or "whatever" in the big rivalry, presumably because he's just too classy to do such things.


And while we're on the topic of sportsmanship, what about your sophomore gunner who flipped-off the Breslin crowd by blowing a kiss at the end of the game on January 25? Is that AOK with you?

Is it okay if a player formally tags their next opponent with the label "little brother" through the media during game week, as one of your employer's football players did only a few months ago?

Who does this Beilein guy think he is, and where does he think he's working? Does he realize that his program is the descendant of the dirtiest program in college basketball history? If one of his players rapes a coed, will he cover it up as long as there are no nasty pre-game videos?

This guy is pretty arrogant for someone who "coached" for more than two decades before reaching Division One college basketball. Hey, maybe he really is a "Michigan Man" after all.

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  1. It seems a little extreme to refer to Stauskus' kisses as "flipped off."... Not to mention it was hilarious.

    1. It was definitely a "flip-off", much like Juwan Howard did with one hand on his crotch all those years ago.

      You thought it was "hilarious", but did Beilein think it was funny? That's the point of this article.

    2. This just in from "Anonymous":

      "I always thought flipping someone off involved a middle finger, not blowing a kiss. Sounds like sour grapes since he and the Wolverines buried your team on their own floor."

      To be clear, Juwan Howard used his middle finger in 1993, Johnny Orr used both hands with a wide-open sweeping motion several times at mid-court in 1975, and Nik Stauskas blew a kiss with one hand during the game last month. They were all "flip-offs" with different styles. In all cases, Michigan won the game.

      Given a chance to be "classy" (as all of the UM faithful are calling Beilein over this proclamation), these players and coach showed their true colors. These are the colors of Michigan.

    3. You should at least attempt to tell the truth. Stauskus used both hands when he blew his kiss. It was not flipping off the crowd, no matter how much you want to paint him or Beilein as a villian.

  2. ... and you can't blame Hoke or Beilein for calling the Buckeyes 'Ohio.' The band doesn't spell out 'Ohio State' at halftime do they?

    1. Then why don't they call us "S", and why don't we call you "M"? Those are the letters spelled out by the bands.

      And why didn't the great Bo refuse to say the correct name?

      You're obviously reaching to explain away your latest athletic department infection.

    2. Calling someone by an initial is in no way similar, but nice try cupcake. Every Buckeye fan chants O-H-I-O... and it's not followed by S-T-A-T-E.

    3. Nice new twist, pussycat. You're making a lot out of what people shout from the stands. By that "reasoning", every coach in American should call your entire organization "Blue". Not "The Blue", just "Blue". I'm not so sure that would make so much sense to everybody, but I guess you would like it.

      In the meantime, you might try reading the standings, or the names on the uniforms, or stuff like that, if you want to know the true name of the school.

  3. This would have been so much more poignant had 'Ohio" beaten Michigan. Like the actual OHIO did in the first round of the NCAA Tournament two years ago. With Burke and Hardaway! And Stu Douglass!

  4. This would have been so much more poignant had you not treated it like a sports message board.

  5. Not to throw a wrench in your whole agenda here 82, but on the Huge Show today Darqueze Dennard reffered to Michigan as the school down the road. Even went as far as saying he couldn't remember the name of the school in AA. Pretty amazing considering the school he spent the last four years at has the same name.


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