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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The former University of Michigan Professor who brought the Brendan Gibbons rape scandal to public light has been banned by the Ann Arbor News from commenting on their articles. Doug Smith says the ban was apparently triggered by his report of some Taylor Lewan shenanigans, and it was imposed on him just after the Gibbons expulsion went into effect.

Here's an excerpt from the "Washtenaw Watchdogs" web site:
"The editors of the Ann Arbor News have banned me from commenting on their news articles. This is all because I posted some comments critical of their censorship of commenters and their editorial decisions. 
"This started with an article that they posted regarding the investigation by Ann Arbor Police of an alleged assault by UM football player, Taylor Lewan, on some Ohio State football fans after the UM/OSU football game. The Ann Arbor News article had very little information in it and made it sound like Taylor Lewan was just in the area of the fight rather than him actually being the assailant. One of the commenters on the article posted a link to the original story. The censors at the AA News removed the link."

There is more from Dr. Smith about his story at this web site:

Dr. Douglas M. Smith is a former 
in the College of Medicine,
Department of Pathology at the University of Michigan,
where he was Director of the
Clinical Histocompatibility Laboratory.

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  1. Well, maybe BIG BROTHER in the Orwellian sense actually does apply. Those not in the know, get a copy of 1984 by George Orwell. It will open your eyes and your mind.


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