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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Michigan Basketball Coach John Beilein is becoming a bit of a whiner these days. Have you noticed?

First he was complaining about his team schedule, the one made up by the B1G conference, just because he didn't like the way all of the games were laid out. He seemed to think it made things too tough for his team, even though every team gets the same ups and downs from the league office each year.

The he complained that the Ohio STATE folks were too...well, they were too...wait a minute, what's that word again......ARROGANT? Beilein didn't like the pre-game video produced and played for the arena spectators. (Even though he didn't see it himself.) He seemed to think the Buckeyes were, in some way, unsportsmanlike, or something like that. Then he proclaimed that nothing of that sort would ever happen while he was at Michigan.

But it's okay with Big Bee if Nick Stauskas flips-off the opposing crowd with a goodbye kiss, right?

Then he started complaining about the TIPOFF TIMES for his games, suggesting that they were having difficulty with certain starting times, even though both teams start at the same time. Never heard this one before from anybody.

Now that Beilein's team has a full week off, resting at home for an extended break from the road, before playing their number-one rival, Michigan State. That's right, the Spartans have to travel for a game on Thursday night before a two-day-turnaround to play in Ann Arbor. Using the "Beilein Doctrine", Tom Izzo should apply for relief from the United Nations due to the bad schedule draw.

By comparison, UM had 11 days off from the road before playing MSU in East Lansing.

Will John Beilein be complaining about the "tough schedule" now that he has been resting comfortably in his office, getting his team ready for the big game with nothing else to do for the week beforehand? Or is the schedule just fine-and-dandy with him right now?

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