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Sunday, February 2, 2014


After losing to Georgetown on Saturday in New York, people started to show their feelings that "this team can't win a game" and "why can't these guys ever win one" and Debbie-Downer stuff like that. The mood around Spartan Nation is that our favorite men's basketball team is somehow having a bad year, or at least, under-achieving.

But a quick check of the record shows that Tom Izzo's squad has lost only three games this season, never with more than one loss in any month:

  • February - Lost to Georgetown
  • January - Lost to Michigan
  • December - Lost to North Carolina
  • November - Won every game

Those three losses aren't to some Johnny-come-lately programs, either. Even though Georgetown continues to look for their next Patrick Ewing, they are not Charlotte. Although the Tar Heels aren't on top of their own world, they are not an Iowa State. As for Michigan, they hit 11 three-pointers in that game and rallied in the last three minutes to win by five points. We get to play that team again.

So cheer up and buckle-down for the stretch-run to the title. Things are fine in Spartan Country!

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