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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


The street protests scheduled for this afternoon by students at the Ann Arbor campus of the University of Michigan are designed to call attention to the failures of their own administration. It was the student-run newspaper, the Michigan Daily, that broke the news of the expulsion of Michigan football player Brendan Gibbons. Today's campus march will take place exactly four weeks after that story broke into the public eye.

The news of what looks to be a "cover-up" in the eyes of most observers was immediately taken seriously by some of the young people at UM. Here's an excerpt of a letter to the student newspaper that appeared the very next day after the story appeared in print:

"I have never been more ashamed of the University I have so long proudly called my own.
"Why did it take four years to investigate the accusation? Why was he allowed to continue playing and representing the University while such serious charges were leveled against him? It is simply unacceptable that the investigation took as long as it did, considering the absolute seriousness of the charges against Gibbons. We absolutely cannot let this story die quietly.
"I, for one, do not accept the University’s slow response and find the way the situation was handled appalling. All signs point to the University looking to cover up potentially bad publicity.
"Is this the Michigan Difference?"

The student-led protest march is scheduled to begin at 2:00 this afternoon on the Ann Arbor campus. This web site will follow the story and report updates as they become available.

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  1. The story is gaining momentum in the national consciousness.

    The US Depeartment of Education is now investigating.

  2. The Dept of Education is also investigating MSU:

    1. Thanks, Sparty91, we have that link and we have studied the information in the report. We can't find any specific claim that the MSU investigation involves athletes or sports teams. Have you found such a connection?

      We know it's a hot breaking story, and sometimes details are omitted for awhile, but the UM investigation is clearly about Gibbons. We can't see names specified to the MSU investigation. At first review, it appears it may be about a case involving non-athletes.

      We can't go forward yet with that claim, as we don't know either way at this point. Please feel free to supply information specific to that case if you find any. Thanks.


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