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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


There really is a "Michigan Difference."

Michigan chUMps, skunkbears, trolls, Walverines, and the like think that Michigan reached the top a long time ago and there is nothing more to do; that what was achieved 50 or 100 years ago is the be all and end all and, now, just keeping the name clean is all that is needed to prove greatness.

How Michigan State University and many, many other schools approach things highlights the "Michigan Difference."

We are NOT trying to be better than Michigan or even the equals of Michigan. We let that school down the road follow its own path. The Michigan standard is NOT what we Spartans are striving to achieve.

Our goal is not to close the "gap" between MSU and any other school. Instead, we are trying to be the best WE can be and then striving to be even better. We are reaching for the ever higher SPARTAN goals by setting ever higher SPARTAN standards of excellence in academics, social awareness, and athletics.

We Spartans do not view the job as done - then, now, or ever. We do not perceive ourselves as immune from error or flawless or superior. We do not claim to be better than everyone else or even better than most or many or even a few. Let others make those claims - we don't care about such things.

What we care about is constantly striving for excellence and constantly raising the bar, setting new standards for excellence and striving to reach those ever loftier goals. We recognize this as a journey, as a job that will never be finished. We will ever be satisfied with the status quo. Our only claim is that we are better today than we were yesterday and we will again strive to improve today and tomorrow.

Nothing less will do. Not for we Spartans.

Spartans Will!

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  1. So the MSU difference, is telling people you're above all the rhetoric? On a site where you call Wolverines "chumps?" Where every other entry has something negative towards the University of Michigan?

    Something tells me you guys are the problem with college sports, and not the solution.

    1. You made quite a leap when you claimed that any of us are talking about the "MSU difference". We haven't done that.

      In this post MSUSpartan76 explained his views on the make-believe sham that you folks call the "Michigan Difference". We laugh at that, and we expose it, just like the Emperor Without Clothes. You get all puffed-up about yourselves every time you look in a mirror as you worship one letter of the alphabet.

      Perhaps you should be sentenced to using only your favorite letter to read and write and communicate, and you can forget about all of the other letters. After all, you think your letter is "the best", and all of the other letters are just "the rest". I would say good luck with that, but it's a fool's mission.

      Some of your own students marched against the hypocrisy of your own school this week. Good for them.

      We don't attempt to be a "solution", rather we are here to balance the media playing field, which has been severely tilted in your direction for most of my lifetime. Consider us more like medicine, perhaps the antidote to your disease. We will be unnecessary when the disease goes away.

      Final Note: You didn't respond to anything in the article on which you purportedly were commenting. Can you explain why the mainstream media is linking this one prospect only to MSU? And can you explain why your UM football player rape case is being presented as equal to an investigation at MSU that may not involve any student-athletes?

      And by the way, for a good review of "the problem" with college sports, look up Ed Martin. No bigger problem than that one.

    2. I call a Wolverines those persons who are mature and responsible individuals. Not everyone affiliated with UM is mature or responsible. Those are a class with the interchangeable names of skunk bear, Walverine, troll, and chUMp.

      It is amusing to me that I have to highlight the difference.

      But, then, you are treating this website as a message board and are trolling it.

      As to your ability to count words, go back and read. "Michigan" and "Michigan Difference" were used in the first 3 paragraphs only. The rest was specifically was about what MSU and Spartans do and will do. Indeed, I specifically divorced anything Spartan from UM. You must have only read the 1st paragraph.

      So, "every other entry has something negative towards the University of Michigan?" is blatantly untrue.

      The "MSU difference?" Nope. I did not even attempt to coin that plagiarism. Had I, it would be been the "SPARTAN difference." It would have fit better into this editorial.

      So, once again, you have proven the point. Not only did you try to deflect attention away from the point, but you also tried to put words in my mouth.

      There is a word for that. Choose: Skunk Bear, chUMp, Walverine, troll..

  2. "here to balance the media playing field"

    Is that why there is a "Jayru Cambell is a Alabama recruit" article? Sounds like fanboy PR to me.

    Or the "two games that went missing" piece? "Desmond Howard eats crow?" It all sounds like hate. Be happy for your program, but don't belittle or hate on others, unless thats the Spartan way.

    To Spartan76, I am not a Michigan fan, I just like to keep people honest and point out their arrogance.. Which both of you seem to have boatloads of.

    1. Not convinced you read the article about the labeling of Jayru Campbell. That said, the point is indeed to balance what the media presents to mainstream consumers.

      (Also should point out that you're talking to 76 about articles written by 82, so he probably won't need to respond to you on those points.)

      Funny you should use the term "arrogance", as it is UM that earned that title after many years of typifying the characteristic, with many players from many sports over many years contributing to the reputation.

      As for "belittling" others, you tell me, was Michael Talley doing something like that after his final game at Breslin when he rubbed his backside on the Spartan "S" at mid-court?

      Or wait, more recently, was Fitz Toussaint "belittling" or "hating" when he called MSU players "Little Brother" last fall? You remember, right before the football game. Yes, THAT football game.

      By the way, what is "fanboy PR", anyway? Don't quite get it. The article included the fact that Alabama has offered Campbell, just like MSU and two other schools. Did you have the answer of why the media labels him as an "MSU recruit"?


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