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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


It's time to review the true status of the football rivalry between Michigan State and Michigan. Wolverine fans are constantly bragging about their "all-time wins record", but to do so, they are actually counting rugby scrimmages from the late 1800s as "football". Let's take a look at the last ten years of the series, including results through October 2014.

Last 10 Football Games Between MSU and UM
  • Ten Game Record = MSU 6, UM 4
  • Non-Overtime Record = MSU 4, UM 3
  • Total Points = MSU 265, UM 192 (MSU +73)

  • MSU TEN+ YEAR TOTAL85-51 (.625)
  • Seven bowl games, two wins
  • Current Bowl Games in a row = 7
  • Biggest Bowl Win Streak = 2
  • League Championships = 2
  • Division Titles = 2

  • UM TEN+ YEAR TOTAL80-54 (.597)
  • Eight bowl games, two wins
  • Current Bowl Games in a row = 3
  • Biggest Bowl Win Streak = 1
  • League Championships = 1
  • Division Titles = 0

BOTTOM LINE:  "Where's the threat?"

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  1. You will need to update this. 7 bowl games, streak of 7, 3-game bowl winning streak, 2 division titles, Rose Bowl champion... and the decade should be listed as 2004-2013. the 2014 season is in progress.

    Also, it might be interesting to see a comparison of just the conference records.

    1. Thanks for the comment, you posted a nice piece today!

      The updates are a conundrum as the season progresses. I had left it at 2004-2013, but then added the games played this year, hence the phrase "...including the results from the 2014 season thus far." So it's actually accurate on the records through 10.5 seasons. A little awkward, but frankly I didn't want to go back to 2004 and deduct the first seven games...could be done, just didn't want to do it.

      I think you're projecting a bowl game for MSU based on six wins, but since it hasn't happened yet, I didn't put it down yet. Could be done, just chose not to. If I did include the upcoming bowl, the "Bowl Wins" category would be somewhat distorted, as we don't know whether MSU wins or loses the bowl game yet to be played.

      The listing of Division Titles as "1" is based on the idea that a league title already included a division title. Sort of like a National Championship in basketball already included a Sweet Sixteen. We could do it that way, I just left them separate.

      I learned last year that keeping the running totals during the season is a challenge that I do not relish, but since I added the results from this season so far, I've been planning to update this post with at least the game records as they take place, even though at the end of the season, we would be looking at an 11-year time span.

      When the dust settles in mid-January, I will be updating the 10-year summary, perhaps with a 5-year and maybe even a 15/20 year picture as well. The more games we win, the more fun it is to count it all up!

    2. Not sure how I made the wrong turn at Albuquerque on this....

      I posted the 10 year conference records on what looked like an updated version of this. Not sure what happened. I hope you got them.

      Dantonio has been Head Coach for 2007,8,9,10,11,12,13 and now 2014. The Spartans went to a bowl every year with Coach D and that is 7 bowl games, winning the last 3.

      In the piece I replied to with the conference WL data, said 7 bowls.

    3. Yes, got it. The data is in a draft post, originally thought I would post it yesterday or today, but instead waiting for tomorrow or Monday.

  2. I second the conference record category (assuming it doesn't contradict the Spartan success. We had a lot of conference losses pre-Dantonio)

    1. Sounds good, send it right over and I'll include it!


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