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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Zero Hour has nearly arrived, and with it, the realization that Michigan is actually a prohibitive favorite to win The Big Game. We've all seen the Vegas Line, but it's now become clear that Michigan State has virtually no chance of winning. We mentioned Ten Reasons yesterday, now here are ten more:


The kids practice well, according to Brady Hoke. And as we all know, "Practice Makes Perfect". Those who play the Wolverines will have to contend with how well they practiced before the game. Advantage UM.
In a show of good sportsmanship, Mark Dantonio has agreed to not wear a headset during the game. Hoke is much better without the headset than Dantonio. Edge to UM.
The kids travel well, according to Brady Hoke. Who among us hasn't had trouble trying to travel with kids? They don't have that problem in Ann Arbor. This is a big advantage for UM.
Michigan finished higher in the recruiting rankings, again. This is a sure-fire guarantee to win just about every game. If you can get the "star-power", you are good to go. Advantage UM.
There will be no score kept during the game. This is because it's really all about the kids, according to Brady Hoke. There are no losers when you are working with kids. EVEN
MSU isn't really a "rival" to UM, so losing isn't really like losing, if it happens. The main rivals to Michigan are a team with a name they dare not say, and a school with a team they dare not play. EVEN STEVEN
The Wolverines won their revenge game against Appalachian State last month. They've been scrimmaging ever since, getting ready for Sparty. Advantage UM
The new field hockey stadium will be sweet. Or lacrosse, or soccer, or whatever the latest new facility is for. That's got to be worth a couple of points, at least. EDGE MICHIGAN
The Michigan Football team has been sand-bagging all season long. They staged those "losses" only so they could come into Spartan Stadium today looking all beat-down and haggard. It's been a trick all along, and they've got MSU right where they want them. Big Advantage UM
This Michigan fer gosh sakes! If they lose a game in the recent past, they will direct your attention to the distant past. A loss today would not exist in the distant past, so they are good to go, no matter what happens! TOTAL EDGE TO UM

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