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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Who ever thought it would come to this? Not the pre-game point spread in the Vegas Line, but the lack of chatter from the boys in blue. No claims to divine supremacy? No labels of "little brother"? No chanting of "This is Michigan"? For gosh sakes?

The Michigan Football team is following the advice of George Perles, the former MSU player and coach (and current Trustee). Spartans loved what Perles brought to the table in the 1980's, especially his football philosophy statements. Now the Wolverines have fully bought-in to what Perles preached about three decades ago:
"Keep your mouth shut and good things will happen". Have you noticed what the UM players have been saying about the game? Nothing. Have you heard what the UM Coach has said about the game? The Spartans are great and Dantonio is great. Talk about turning over a new leaf! What happened to all of the arrogant smack-talk? Maybe they listened to George after all.
"They all count one". They used to show up to the MSU game with the attitude that it counted less than full value. Sometimes they would talk about other games coming up on their schedule when the Spartans were next in line. Now they say they're focused JUST ON THIS ONE GAME, literally adopting a textbook-example of "taking one game at a time". Perhaps they realized that Player/Coach/Trustee Perles had his math right after all.
With an extra week to prepare, Michigan is expected to come out with something different on Saturday. Perhaps a stunt-4/3 defense? Or 40 toss-sweeps to the same running back?

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  1. We are glad they are not following the advice of current MSU Coach Mark Dantonio.

    "Just Win."


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