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Saturday, October 11, 2014


For Michigan State Football, this is "Indiana Week", as the Spartans prepare for their return trip to the Hoosier State. For Michigan, this is "MSU Week" TIMES TWO, as the Wolverines get two weeks to prepare for their little-big-non-rivalry game in East Lansing.

This is the second consecutive season in which the B1G Conference has given UM a double-dose of preparation time before playing MSU.

No doubt many Wolverines will complain about traveling an hour north two years in a row to play the Spartans. But that's nothing compared to the incredible home-field advantage held by Michigan for (literally) decades over Michigan State. MSU played 21 road games in a row against UM between 1925 and 1947.

But the B1G didn't let that continue. As soon as the Big Ten was formed by the inclusion of Michigan State, the Spartans no longer had to travel to Ann Arbor for multiple decades. Instead it was four years, from 1954 through 1957. That's four in a row to get started as a Big Ten member team.

To add it up, in the football series between MSU and UM:

  • 106 total games between MSU and UM
  • 34 games were played in East Lansing
  • 72 games were played in Ann Arbor
  • Of all games played, 67% were won by Michigan
  • Of all games played, 68% were hosted by Michigan

So the Wolverines get to ride their little-big-non-loss against Penn State through two weeks of preparation for their 35th-ever trip to Spartan Stadium. If any of their fans go into a maize rage about the back-to-back road-trips, you can remind them of the true "all-time record" for home-field advantage.

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