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Friday, October 24, 2014


It's been a big week leading up to the Big Game, but not only for the teams and current players. This has also been a big week for the Michigan Football Players who have recently been arrested and charged with criminal activity:

TAYLOR LEWAN has apparently found a way to avoid trial. Most likely, it involves finding the "sweet spot" in his now-bulging wallet to pay off his victims so that they would agree to not testify against him. Under such circumstances, the Prosecutor would find it hard to proceed, and would likely drop the charges. Sure, it's illegal, but they can't prove it happened, and with the adequate cash-flow, they can't prove the assault ever happened, either. Sounds a lot like what may have happened with the Brendan Gibbons case. Lewan was allowed by Brady Hoke to stay on the UM team despite this incident. You can be sure of one thing; the "block-M" stands for MONEY.

CSONT'E YORK has been sentenced to seven days in jail for breaking an innocent man's face last summer. York was allowed by Brady Hoke to stay on the UM team for a month despite compelling video evidence that showed him cold-cock a man with a knockout sucker-punch that took a tooth out and sent the victim to the hospital for several days. York was eventually dismissed from the program, but only after an extensive review of the team depth-chart showed he had little chance of playing this season.

Several other criminals remain on the UM roster, including Graham Glasgow, Frank Clark, and A.J. Williams.

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