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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


By now it should be clear to everybody that Michigan State leads Michigan in just about everything football over the last five years. Despite "that one season" for UM, all of the comparisons favor Sparty in the short term. The five-year picture is not close, as the Spartans have a huge win-percentage lead (.714 to .475) over the Wolverines.

So let's expand our view-frame to a full decade. We have looked at 10-year comparisons before between MSU and UM in Football, as well as Men's Basketball and Women's Basketball. In this article, we direct our focus to conference games only.* 

Here are the 10-year conference records for the two schools, not including partial results from the 2014 season:

MSU 10-year B1G Conference record: 46-36 (.561)

2004: 4-4
2005: 2-6
2006: 1-7
2007: 3-5
2008: 6-2
2009: 4-4
2010: 7-1
2011: 7-2 (includes B1G Ten CCG)
2012: 3-5
2013: 9-0 (includes B1G Ten CCG)

  • Longest conference winning streak: 10 games
  • Longest conference losing streak: 6 games
  • Three seasons with 7 or more conference wins

UM 10-year B1G Conference record: 46-34 (.575)

2004: 7-1
2005: 5-3
2006: 7-1
2007: 6-2
2008: 2-6
2009: 1-7
2010: 3-5
2011: 6-2
2012: 6-2
2013: 3-5

  • Longest conference winning streak: 7 games
  • Longest conference losing streak: 5 games
  • Two seasons with 7 or more conference wins

The tide has turned so far that the 10-year picture is now split, with certain milestone-markers in favor of Michigan State. As you glance at the numbers, consider how they will soon look when the results of 2014 are factored-in, and the results of 2004 are factored-out.

For what it's worth, 10 years is the approximate maximum personal exposure a high school junior has to college sports. So the previous decade basically forms the opinions of most young athletes regarding possible schools of choice.

*data compilation by MSUSpartan76

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