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Sunday, October 5, 2014


The Michigan Football team may have dropped their third straight game on Saturday, but don't think the trip was a total failure. After all, this is Michigan, for gosh sakes. Just ask Brady Hoke.

Hoke spoke after the game on his team's performance, citing several points of success for his Wolverines:

  1. "The kids had a great week of practice." They kept focused and spirited, and ignored negative outside influences. None of them skipped practice Tuesday to attend the rally.
  2. "The kids traveled well." They wore the right clothes and followed the bus schedule to get on the airplane, easily handling the tricky ride from the airport to the hotel. No food fights broke out.
  3. "The kids came ready to play." By the time of kickoff, they were dressed in their road uniforms and always remembered which side of the field was theirs. Nobody forgot their jock-straps, and everybody tied their shoes for the game.

Hoke was modest about the final score, by not pointing out that his kids covered the spread against the Vegas Line. This marks one of the few times in recent seasons that UM has covered the spread. This should be cause for optimism, as it is a clear sign of progress.

Hoke referred all other questions to a press release which he said would be coming out sometime soon. He left the press conference early, saying he had to get the game tapes prepared for Coach Brandon to review first thing in the morning.

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  1. That should be just enough for the staff to retain their jobs. Good thing for Brandon that Hoke has got his back with the excellent results in getting back to the fundamentals you outlined in this post.


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