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Thursday, March 20, 2014


We were getting backed up against a wall by all of the chUMp claims of basketball dominance, based largely on a three-game win streak and two one-point victories over the past three years. So we decided to turn up the power on our microscope to see what the FACTS reveal about such claims. What we found was outstanding.

Turns out the two Michigan State Basketball programs combined have the best winning percentage in conference play over the past SIX YEARS. Those are the FACTS. And as we always say, you can have your own opinions, but you can't have your own facts.

We have crunched the numbers and we present them for your review:

2009-2014 Combined Regular Season Conference Standings

1.  148-60    MICHIGAN STATE*****
2.  139-69   OHIO STATE*****
3.  125-83   PURDUE*
4.  111-97   MICHIGAN**
5.    54-48   NEBRASKA
6.  109-99   WISCONSIN
7.  102-106  IOWA
8.    99-109  PENN STATE***
9.    88-120  MINNESOTA
10.  81-127  ILLINOIS
11.  70-138  NORTHWESTERN
12.  69-139  INDIANA*

*conference championships

So whatever this season of March Madness brings, we can rest assured that the Spartan Basketball programs are in great shape, and have won more games in the conference than any other conference school dating back (at least) six years.

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  1. I thought you didn't use arbitrary numbers when compiling data? Only increments of five and ten.

    Breaking your own rules eh?

    1. You, Anonymous, brought up the three year total. 82 says he usually only references stats of 5 and 10 years. Nice rounds increments. Now he is showing how ALL of the annual increments look better for the Spartans. Most of us could figure that out. Did you really go to school or are you just another Walverine?

    2. Thanks, CMann, you totally nailed that answer before I even got to the question. That's exactly what I'm doing here.

      This is like a "cater to the chUMps" session, in which I add up the totals year by year and report all of the results. At the conclusion of this process, I will re-post the 5-10-15 year increments as the main ones to follow into the future.

      But in the meantime, I'm posting the results of each time-frame, in case any Spartans want to cherry-pick them in a debate with some chUMps. But as you pointed out already, MSU Basketball keeps landing on top as I add another year to the mix.

      Anyway, I agree with you, I thought the "Anonymous" poster was actually intelligent enough to figure that out and understand it. He or she may, indeed, be just another Walmart Wolverine.

  2. Why are you Sparty's filled with so much hate?


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